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AHouston Levee Skate ParkThe LeveeMonday0530 - 0615Bootcamp#GtownFunk
BW.C. Johnson ParkThe LairMonday0530 - 0615Bootcamp#CollierTrill
COverton Park Community Farmers MarketOld ForestMonday0530 - 0615Bootcamp#MemphisMojo
DW.J. Freeman ParkThe MorgMonday0530 - 0615Bootcamp#BartlettBeats
ETobey ParkTobey ParkTuesday0530 - 0615BootcampPark in baseball fields parking lot. #MemphisMojo
FLucille McWherter Senior CenterBermuda TriangleTuesday0530 - 0615BootcampThe OG weekday AO
GBert Ferguson ParkThe AnnexTuesday0530 - 0615Bootcamp#Wardova
HHouston Levee Skate ParkThe LeveeWednesday0530 - 0615Bootcamp#GtownFunk
IOverton Park Community Farmers MarketOld ForestWednesday0530 - 0615Bootcamp#MemphisMojo
JUniv. of Memphis ROTC TrackThe BarracksWednesday0515 - 0615Rucking#RuckYeah
KW.C. Johnson ParkThe LairThursday0530 - 0615Bootcamp#CollierTrill
LLucille McWherter Senior CenterBermuda TriangleThursday0530 - 0615BootcampThe OG weekday AO
MW.J. Freeman ParkThe MorgThursday0530 - 0615Bootcamp#BartlettBeats
NHouston Levee Skate ParkThe LeveeFriday0530 - 0615Wild CardQ's choice for workout style
OUniv. of Memphis ROTC TrackThe BarracksFriday0530 - 0615RunningBring your running shoes!
PBert Ferguson ParkThe AnnexFriday0530 - 0615Bootcamp#Wardova
QShelby FarmsMothershipSaturday0530 - 0630RuckingParking lot off of Great View Drive East, just north of The Kitchen restaurant
RShelby FarmsMothershipSaturday0700 - 0800BootcampParking lot off of Great View Drive East, just north of The Kitchen restaurant