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1Houston Levee ParkThe LeveeMonday0530 - 0615Boot CampBaseball fields parking lot #GtownFunk
2Lucille McWherter Senior CenterBermuda TriangleMonday0530 - 0615Boot CampThe OG weekday AO
3Overton Park Community Farmers MarketOld ForestMonday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#MemphisMojo
4W.J. Freeman ParkThe MorgMonday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#BartlettBeats
5Aycock ParkThe CockpitMonday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#DreadMill
6W.C. Johnson ParkThe LairTuesday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#CollierTrill
7Tobey ParkThe SandlotTuesday0530 - 0615Boot CampPark in baseball fields parking lot. #MemphisMojo
8Lucille McWherter Senior CenterBermuda TriangleTuesday0530 - 0615Boot CampThe OG weekday AO
9Bert Ferguson ParkThe AnnexTuesday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#Wardova
10Playground of DreamsNeverlandTuesday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#ArlingTough
11Pickering CenterBlack PonyTuesday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#GtownFunk
12Overton Park Community Farmers MarketOld ForestTuesday0530 - 0615Run#MemphisMojo
13Lucille McWherter Senior CenterBermuda TriangleWednesday0530 - 0615Boot CampThe OG weekday AO
14Houston Levee ParkThe LeveeWednesday0530 - 0615Boot CampBaseball fields parking lot #GtownFunk
15Overton Park Community Farmers MarketOld ForestWednesday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#MemphisMojo
16Univ. of Memphis ROTC TrackThe BarracksWednesday0515 - 0615Ruck
17W.J. Freeman ParkThe MorgWednesday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#BartlettBeats
18W.C. Johnson ParkThe LairThursday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#CollierTrill
19Lucille McWherter Senior CenterBermuda TriangleThursday0530 - 0615Boot CampThe OG weekday AO
20Aycock ParkThe CockpitThursday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#DreadMill
21Gaisman Community CenterGaisman ParkThursday0530 - 0615Boot Camp
22Shelby FarmsThe RuinsThursday0530 - 0615Boot CampOld Spaghetti Warehouse Parking Lot
23Pickering CenterBlack PonyThursday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#GtownFunk
24Houston Levee ParkThe LeveeFriday0530 - 0615Wildcard WorkoutQ's choice! Baseball fields parking lot #GtownFunk
25Univ. of Memphis ROTC TrackThe BarracksFriday0530 - 0615RunningBring your running shoes!
26W.J. Freeman ParkThe MorgFriday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#BartlettBeats
27Playground of DreamsNeverlandFriday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#ArlingTough
28Bert Ferguson ParkThe AnnexFriday0530 - 0615Boot Camp#Wardova
29Shelby FarmsMothershipSaturday0530 - 0630RuckP2 Event Center parking lot, just north of The Kitchen restaurant
30Shelby FarmsMothershipSaturday0700 - 0800Boot CampP2 Event Center parking lot, just north of The Kitchen restaurant