October 10, 2018

Zoological Dora (Featuring MOTH BALLS)

THE SCENE: The Old Forest cool 69 degrees with a heavy downpour.


Welcomed the PAX to F3, stated what each F is for, then gave disclaimer. Doc Holliday and ISS showed up a little late (YHC moved our Warm-O-Rama, so they couldn’t find us, see below), gave the disclaimer again and explained F3 to the FNG.


Since it was raining, YHC decided to move the warmup circle to the playground for a somewhat less wet Warm-O-Rama.

30 IC SSH, 24 IC LBAC (12 forward, 12 reverse), 15 IC Imperial Walkers, 15 IC Hillbillies, 30 OYO Monkey Humpers

Dora 1-2-3. PAX paired up to complete the sets of each exercise below. While one PAX was working on the sets, the other was running across the parking lot, then completing 5 Gorilla Shuffles before returning.

  • 100 Alligator Merkins
  • 200 Big Boy Sit Ups
  • 300 Squats

On the return to the circle for Mary, PAX did some Dancing Bears (6 steps, then hold each side for a 4 count). Then, Moseyed to circle up for MARY.


10 Crunchy Frogs, 1 MOTHBALLS (spelled with feet), 30 Flutter Kicks Freddie Mercuries OYO for 20 seconds, 20 Jane Fondas (10 each side), 10 count James Bond,  20 American Hammers (thanks Four Eyes), 20 Pickle Pounders (dealers choice to Jailbait)


11 PAX (1 FNG Snow White) Bottomless, Bartman, Four Eyes, Jail Bait, Doc Hollywood, TLC, ISS, MIB, Snow White, Moth Balls, Chioccetti.

Challenged the PAX to think about the places in their life “where they are running towards Jesus” (where are the PAX experiencing, serving, worshiping, and loving The Lord). Then, YHC asked them “where are they running away from Jesus” (the places where they are trying to keep things
“secret” or the ways they are avoiding God’s call in their life).


It was great to have a cooler morning,  even thought there was a heavy downpour. Dancing Bears were a great addition to the workout. YHC plan on using them again. Grateful to work alongside HIM like those in the Old Forest.

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