July 2, 2019

Zombies v Humans again

THE SCENE: No question, it was hot.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Check. Although I gave it 3 more times because apparently HC means show up at 5:31 or later. 

SSH – 30, Daisy Pickers- 15, IW-15, Polka  Stretch-15
In the parking lot, everyone lined up and completed a race. PAX completed 10 burpees on one side of parking lot, then ran to the other side to complete 10 burpees, then PAX ran back to the finish line. As PAX crossed the finish line, they would yell “1” or “2”. Each pair was put together for the next exercise.

Mosey to the Rugby field. Then, PAX that were 1’s were Zombies playing “Catch Me If You Can” with the 2’s (the humans).  The route was 4 Corners of the rugby field.

Corner 1 (Zombies started here, humans were running to Corner 2): 20 Turkish getups, then crabwalk up hill, then run to next corner.

Corner 2: 20 Squats, then run to next corner

Corner 3: 20 Big Boy Situps, then run to next corner

Corner 4: Bear crawl down the hill, then 20 Merkins, then run to Corner 1

Rinse and repeat. PAX Completed at least 3 rounds of the “4 Corners”

3 PAX were caught by the Zombies. YHC called for 5 penalty burpees for each caught human, so PAX completed 15 Burpees. Then, Mosey back to the flag.

Hollywood Side Crunch -20 , Carolina Dry Docks – 15 American Hammer-25, Box Cutters -20, LOL’s-10

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