September 4, 2018

Zima: refreshing citrus flavored adult beverage or… war criminal?

THE SCENE: Humidish 72° at the shiniest AO in F3Memphis.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: PAX were welcomed and disclaimed.

SSH IC x25
Daisy Pickers IC x15
IW IC x20
Arm circles IC x15 (+ reverse)

PAX lined up for the Bataan Death March around the park (0.7 miles). There was much rejoicing.

    PAX then performed Zima’s favorite WIB – BOMBS! PAX partnered up and shared the workload – while one performed the exercise, the other bear-crawled 15 yards, crab-crawled 15 yards, did 10x SSH, then backwards ran back to the partner performing the following exercises:

  • Burpees x50
  • Overhead Claps x100
  • Merkins x150
  • Big Boy Situps x200
  • Squats x250

Teams that completed all rounds early were encouraged to spread out and assist other teams until all accounts were settled.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Seriously, we finished the BOMBS at 6:15 on the nose…

12 (0 FNGs): Faceplant, Thundercat, Wall Builder, UFO, Woodpecker, Choker, Tiger Lily, Gilligan, Bob Ross, Red Roofer, Flobee, Zima

A man who takes his wife for granted must confront her unhappiness when he gets home at night. A man who is inattentive to his children will quickly confront their need for his sacrifice no matter how hard he might try to ignore it.

In this way, the first two are inherently configured to warn him if he is committing relationship malpractice. But the third ring, the Shield Lock, is different. If a man’s horizontal relationships with other men are Decelerating (or worse, non-existent), there will be no jangling alarm to warn him of the danger. Gradually, he will become accustomed to trying to hunt and defend alone, despite how unsuccessful and unfulfilling the effort is. Such a man may not even realize that he is not Right until he finds himself completely un-Prepared for the unexpected. Then, like the Amateur he is, he will wonder why all his friends have “abandoned” him when the truth is that it his own negligence that is to blame. 

By locking shields with other men, the HIM hedges his brother’s peak against his own valley, and vice-versa. He knows that his valleys will tempt him to the Flux, and that he will need the strength of his brother’s peak to maintain Acceleration. Likewise, he knows that it will be his peak that provides his brother the bulwark he will need when a valley draws him toward the Flux. This, not companionship, is the ultimate Purpose of the Shield Lock and its primary distinction from a Club.

The Shield Lock must come together periodically to be Effective. For the HIM, this is a form of preventive maintenance. The Amateur waits until the needle is on empty before he stops for gas, but the Pro fills his tank periodically—regardless of where his needle is pointing at any given moment. By meeting periodically, the Members of the Shield Lock recognize each other’s incipient valleys and proactively initiate the fight against the Flux as a Team. In this way, the Shield Lock parcels out the pain felt by the man in the valley and bears it together as a team.

Pain is finite. The more it is parceled, the easier it is to bear.

Nice seeing some new faces at Neverland, everyone pushed hard today, but Woodpecker brought it. Props.

Horseflies are the debbil.

None, got out of dodge due to the debbil-fly that was terrorizing all.