July 26, 2018

Zima: refreshing citrus beverage or big meany-head?

THE SCENE: It was a glorious, 70° morning in Millington…

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: welcomed and disclaimed.

SSH IC x25
IW IC x15
Daisy Pickers IC x15
Arm circles IC x15 (+ reverse)

As typical at a workout led by YHC, we started with a Merkin 1/2 mile (one lap around track) – every 1/4 mile the PAX performed 25 merkins and held plank waiting on the six (aka waiting on the Zima). Then on to…

PAX partnered up for BOMBS – while one partner performed reps the other bear-crawled ~25 yards, performed 10 SSH, then backwards-ran back to partner, who kept team count of exercise.
Burpees – 50 reps
Overheads – 100 reps
Merkins – 150 reps
BBS – 200 reps
Squats – 250 reps

At this point we only had 3 minutes left so we immediately began Mary. 

Dealer’s choice:
Choker- Aw-Yeahs
No Fuego – Flutter kicks
Soulja Boy – American hammers

8 PAX (0 FNGs): Shania, Soulja Boy, Choker, Gilligan, No Fuego, Zima, Flobee, Short Timer

As has been the norm for YHC’s COT discussions as of late, we need to always strive to attack our weaknesses and make them strengths. YHC isn’t a good runner, so we ran. YHC isn’t great in overall fitness level (being old and fat) so we worked hard today. We could easily have a great workout that was more strength-oriented as that fits more comfortably into YHC’s wheelhouse, but instead we addressed the weaknesses. We should do this in all aspects of our lives, as it’s easy to rest and rely upon our strengths while ignoring our weaknesses. If we truly want to be the best representative of Jesus to the world, we should work to excel in everything we do.

Aycock Park has become one of my favorite AOs – it’s beautiful in the AM when the sun starts to peak out and there are lots of walkers and runners from the community. Just feels great being out there.

GrowRuck (Sept 21-23), City Ruck Tour (Aug 10), Ruck Sim (this Sat AM), Ruck Club Callout (this Sat PM) – there’s a definite pattern to the announcements today…