October 7, 2017

You’ve Been….Thunderstruck!

AO: The Mothership

QIC: Bruce and Oz

PAX: Shoestring, Meatball, Woody, Slots, Anklet, Quickdry, Four Eyes, Soybean, Oz, Big Al, Teacher’s Pet, Red Sox, Abacus, Heavy Weight, O Positive, Escobar, Pops ,Chyna, and Bruce

Conditions: 72F, cloudy and cool, slight breeze




SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Hillbilly x 10 IC

60 Second Arm Circles:  T-plank left arm up x 15 IC, LBC x 15 IC, T-plank right arm up x 15 IC, LBC x 15 IC

Abe Vigoda x 10 IC


Big Ten
From standing, walk hands to plank, 3 merkins, jump feet in and out 3 times, then jump up to standing position = 1 rep x 10 IC

Crunchy Frogs x 20 IC

Red Barchetta
Cones mark start, 10 yards, 25 yards, 50 yards, 75 yards, and 100 yards. Sprint 100 yards, then perform 100 SSH, then mosey back to start and plank until All-In. Repeat to 75 yards, 75 LBCs, mosey to start and plank. Repeat to 50 yards, 50 mountain climbers, mosey to start and plank. Repeat to 25 yards, 25 merkins, mosey to start and plank. Repeat to 10 yards, 10 burpees, then rest.

Bicycle Crunches x 20 IC

Plank Torso Rotations x 10 IC each clockwise and counterclockwise

Three Amigos
Split into teams of 3. Each team locks arms and assumes wall sit position. Team works together and walks to a designated location in squat position.  We walked approximately 75 yards.

Collapsing Planks x 20 IC

Super-Burpees x 20 IC
Perform regular burpee, but when down perform Superman, then back up to standing position

Song “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC was played. Start on ground in resting merking position. When thunder/thunderstruck is heard, push up into full plank and hold until next thunder/thunderstruck is heard. Then lower into resting merkin position. Repeat until song ends.

Dead Bugs x 20 IC

Wraparound 1-Arm Tricep Merkins x 20 IC each side

*Mosey to benches by bathrooms

Windshield Wipers x 10 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Aiken Legs
Split into 3 groups as before. Each group performs 20 squats, 20 box jumps on benches, 20 lunges each leg, and 20 split jacks each leg forward. Rinsed and Repeated.


Corkscrew x 10 IC each clockwise and counterclockwise

Hello Dolly x 20 IC

Jack Knives x 20 IC

Leg Lifts x 20 IC

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC



COT / BOM: Q Bruce talked about selfishness and read the following verse from Philippians 2:3-4:

Q emphasized the importance that God is 1st, followed by family, and that you will always be third.  F3 is the prime example of valuing others above yourself.  We push each other every workout and are always putting others in our group before ourselves.  Outside of F3, you must first take care of your spiritual well-being and your family.  F3 and you should be third.  F3 will always be there for you as we build and better each other everyday.  #IAmThird

MOLESKIN: Perfect weather for a “Thunderstruck” beatdown by Bruce and Oz at the Mothership. PAX left with “Aiken” arms and legs, but better off than when we found them.