January 26, 2018


QIC: Lazarus

PAX: Phat Pat, Soybean, Handsy, Sir-Mix-Alot, Beauty Shop, Four Eyes, Pirtle, Teacher’s Pet, Dewey, Blart, Crayfish, Toms, Shoestring, Piggyback (FNG)

THE SCENE:   43F and wonderfully crisp!



  • SSH ICx30
  • BAC (F&R) ICx15
  • High Knees ICx15


PAX paired up with one another of close to the same fitness level.  YHC only gave 1 goal to be achieved- do not stop moving until MARY!


Each partner group ran the quarter mile track. There were 4 points on the track to stop and perform exercises, then back up and continue to run. Each partner took turns Qing, calling the next exercise and/or various ways to run the track, pushing each other until the finish.

Groups held plank position (led by Toms) until all groups assembled for MARY.


  • American Hammers ICx40 (Shoestring)
  • Box Cutters ICx15 (Soybean)


15 PAX, 1 FNG-Piggyback


Jesus had crowds of people follow Him, but chose only 12 to disciple, and 3 out of those to really pour into, showing us an example that to Highly Impact another person, you have to focus your time, energy, resources, love, and your life completely to them. In doing so, we find out we can only really impact to the utmost, a few, rather than alot.  Simplify your relationships, and devote more of yourself to that person, and you will experience the fruit of intimacy (into-me-you-see) and great influence.

-Prayers for many PAX dealing with various troubles relating to family and loved ones (Teacher’s Pet, Phat Pat, Soybean, Crayfish). Prayers for those unspoken, and for Christ to strengthen us mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and to teach us how to have a clear mind while facing the hard realities of life.


Phat Pat and Soybean did great on a long ruck while encouraging the groups running past them to get better.  The  PAX did a great job pushing each other this gloomage and……goal achieved!  Everybody kept moving until the end!


Saturday Mothership will be a service project.  Four Eyes on Q, see Preblast for info.

New Ruck Workout coming to the Barracks on Wednesdays starting at 5:15 sharp!