January 18, 2019

“You said we had 10 seconds!?!?”

Twilighty and about 40 degrees.  Warmed up quickly once PAX got moving.  Meter Maid set a Meter Maid record for lateness.


SSH (IC) x 15
Forward Arm Circles (IC) x 15 – meant 10 but lost count
Reverse Arm Circles (IC) x 10 – ahh, back on track

Mosey to Skatepark (where you at, Slots??)

Box Jumps x 20
Merkins x 20
Bare Balls to the Wall

Mosey back to Startex

CMU AMRAP Sets with intervals of 1 minute of work and 10 seconds of rest

  • CMU Curls x 5 Sets
  • CMU Squats x 5 Sets
  • Mosey Recovery Lap
  • CMU Overhead Presses x 2 Sets (I had planned 5 Sets but realized that I was not going to be able to make it through that many and thus couldn’t ask the PAX to)
  • Flutter Kicks with CMU Held High x 5
  • Merkins on CMU x 5 Sets
  • Mosey Recovery Lap


16 (no FNGs): Captain Obvious, U-Rock, Black Diamond, CapriSun, Hacksaw, Peeping Tom, Pops, Dial-Up, Coach K, Steinbrenner, Nature Boy, Yardsale, C-Lo, Anklet, Meter Maid, 1040

Who is your Jonathan?

In 1 Samuel, Daniel is being pursued by Saul and his army and is under the threat of death.  During what had to be the lowest point in David’s life to that point, Jonathan – the very son of Saul and probable successor to the Israeli throne – came to David and “strengthened his hand in God.”  Earlier in Samuel, the Bible describes the relationship between these two friends being “knit to the soul.”  When things are bleak for you, who is the man that reaches into the darkness to strengthen you?  Who is your Jonathan?

Topics of discussion this morning included whether or not time was a physical dimension, the theory of relativity, the partnership/ownership structure of Meter Maid’s law firm, countless references to men doing things in less than 10 seconds and the dumpster fire that is Slack’s new logo.

Love these men and the work they put in, all why doing it with a smile and humor.

Check Announcements Channel in Slack for wreath removal project (1/19), STAR Course training ruck (1/19) and the Equinox challenge.  Pray for travel mercies for the PAX traveling to Nashville this weekend.