February 18, 2019

You got me and I got you

THE SCENE: a warm and toasty 32 degrees.

the PAX was welcomed and disclaimed.

•20 little man in the woods IC

•20 imperial walkers IC

•2:00 plank
•take a Mosey around the parking lot. Stopping at the restroom building by the baseball field.

•we all lined up and sprinted to some cones I had set up that were 40 meters away. We sprinted to the cones and back twice.

•partner up

•both partners worked on 50 hand stand merkins

•then one PAX would partner carry his buddy to the cones that were 40 meters away. The partners swapped at the cones.

•150 flutter kicks.

•partner carry to the cones and back.

•300 LBCs.

•partner carry to the cones and back.

•150 shoulder taps.

•partner  carry to the cones and back.

•50 burpees split up by the partners or 50 little man in the woods individually.

•25 little man in the woods.

•50 LBCs.

•10 little man in the woods.

•25 flutter kicks.

•25 hello dollies.

•25 dying cockroaches.

•15 squat bounces.

•20 inchworms (we were unable to finish the inchworms due to 0615 arriving early).


Three PAX for preruck- Orange Julias, The Streak and Commie.

six PAX showed up for BC- Mr. Wonderful, Flobee, Orange Julius, The Streak, woodpecker and Commie.
My personal belief is that we all have souls, that innermost part of us that makes us human. I was curious what the definition of ‘soul’ was,  “the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal” is what googles dictionary says. So from there I wondered what the Latin and Greek meanings of the word was. Soul translates to “Anima Mea” in Latin meaning “my soul” yep, what a revelation. But in Greek it translates to “psuché” which translates to ‘breath, the soul, the vital breath, the breath of life, the human soul, the soul as the seat of affections and will.’

I believe there is the mind, body and soul. The mind is the authoritarian over your body, thoughts and actions. The body is the vessel in which your mind occupies for transportation and other means of survival, obviously. Then there is the soul, the soul is the unseen influencer on the mind. It’s you, who you really are in your purest state. Your soul is what drives your mind to action, a literal meaning is “the seat of affections and will”. So if we don’t work on our souls what becomes of us? We can’t expect our thinking and therefore our actions to yield positive results in our lives if our souls are a moral wasteland. You can be a degenerate, vile, hateful person but hide it using your mind, your mental capacity and capabilities to recognize what you are doing and hide it below the surface. You aren’t fixing who you are, you’re masking what you are. That’s where God truly comes in. God doesn’t say “get your body right and the rest will follow” or “first of all get your mind right” no He works on the soul. If you get your soul right, if you allow Him to work at your soul then the rest will follow. I heard someone on tv the other day say something that really stuck out to me

”the distance between our actual selfs and our projected image is what God’s trying to shorten”

God sows into our souls, our moral fibers, His strength, love, compassion, resilience and everything else. People always say “God gave you His love and strength” etc. I think that’s false, to say God “gave” it to us would mean we took it and made ourselves better on our own. Sure God held it out for us to take but we did the work. No. When we ask and allow God to come into our lives, to take a seat where our affections and our will preside He begins to sow into us. Making what is pure of God, of us too. And God uses that to shorten the  distance between our actual selfs and our projected image. So what I’m getting at with all this is anyone can build their body up, read up and study and become smart as a whip but without that work on our innermost selfs we’re just intellectually vacuous, hulking bullies or know it all, un-empathic do-gooders that no one wants to be around. We can’t be High Impact Men like how we’re always talking about if we can’t and don’t put the work into the very foundation of ourselves.

I think I broke Flobee’s knees during the buddy carries. The entirety of the PAX put in good and hard work and are all the better for it.