January 10, 2019

You Cannot Be Serious!

THE SCENE: Cold and dark. OJ said he’d be rolling in a little late. 

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Given. Rep counts in this backblast are directionally accurate.

Warm-up mosey ~300 yards. Plank up. YHC instructed the PAX to maintain the halt position after each exercise until YHC said “Recover.” 

Tempo merkins x10
Shoulder taps x15
Mountain climbers x20

Mosey ~150 yards

Imperial walkers x15 (YHC spotted a car pull into the lot)
Prisoner squats x10 (A dark figure emerged from the car and I could see it making it’s way towards us. OJ came into view on rep 8 and we halted at 10 once he was with us.)

Short mosey into tennis court enclosure.

That’s a good Al Gore, Johnny!

11s! The PAX lined up along one doubles sideline. Then…

1 hand-release merkin; burpee broad-jump across the court to the opposite sideline; 10 big boy sit-ups; lunge walk back

2 hand-release merkins; burpee broad-jump; 9 big boys; lunge walk


Once they finished, the PAX were told to cycle through a set of 5 merkins, 10 squats, and 20 2-count flutter kicks while waiting on the six. 

The group joined the last man on his last round of 10 hand-release merkins, etc. 

Next, an abbreviated squat mile. We circled the 1/2 mile track once, then did a shorter out-and-back, stopping to do 25 squats 4 times. 

Towards the end of this, Tree Hugger let YHC know that we would have to reconcile our relationship after the workout. 

We sprinted ~100 yards to the parking lot after our last round of squats. 

YHC gave the same instructions to hold the halt position after each exercise. 

Flutter kicks x20
Hello dolly x15
LBCs x30
Flutter kicks x15
Hello dolly x15
LBCs x15

5 PAX, no FNGs – Tree Hugger, Ace Ventura, Orange Julius, Soulja Boy, Soybean (QIC)

Be a disruptor in your community. Get to know your neighbors. Know what’s important to them. Have them over for dinner. See your home as a base of operations, not a cocoon.

The Cockpit isn’t the most convenient AO for me to get to, but I enjoyed the drive before and after. I finished the latest 43 Feet episode on the way there, then Kendrick took me home. It was great meeting Ace Ventura. It’s always great seeing OJ blow past everyone in a sprint. T-Claps to Soulja Boy for bringing great coffee (with milk and simple syrup) and a shoe box full of peanut butter cookies! Tree Hugger forgave me and we were able to enjoy our cookies at peace with each other.

Soulja Boy encouraged the PAX to check out the Equinox Challenge and do as much of it as they can. He also exhorted us to read Freed to Lead