February 25, 2019

You Can Do Anything For 60 Seconds

AO: Old Forest, 2-25-19

QIC: Handsy

THE SCENE: Cold (39*), clear, and DRY!

Did it, including sharing the mission of F3


  • SSH (IC) – 50
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 15
  • Arm Circles (small, big, forward back) (IC) – 20 total
  • IW (IC) – 15


First, all PAX partnered up and moseyed to the playground. Each pair performed a total of 50 pull ups (combined reps for the pair). Spotting as needed, modifying to Aussie style as needed. Mosey back to parking lot. 


You can do anything for 60 seconds! YHC had a timer set on my phone to beep every 60 seconds. PAX were instructed to perform the following exercises, without stopping, for 60 seconds each. No recovery between exercises…your arms can recover from the Merkins while your legs are working on squats 🙂

  • Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Squats
  • High Plank
  • BBSU’s
  • Reverse Lunges

Rinse and repeat…(we finished 4 sets total)

PAX were strongly encouraged to modify as necessary (i.e. merkins from your knees, bicycle kick instead of flutter, etc.) but to NOT STOP moving or performing the exercise for the full 60 seconds. Much groaning throughout. But also lots of encouragement to keep moving. 

We performed 3 rounds of this, non-stop. At that point YHC decided to give the PAX a treat and allowed 60 seconds of recovery before one final set. So we did 4 sets total. 


YHC re-set the timer to 30 second intervals and we performed the following exercises for 30 seconds each, no break in between (can’t remember all exercises and/or exact order…had different PAX each time call out new exercise…but something like this):

  • American Hammer
  • Hello Dolly
  • Dying Cockroach
  • Freddie Mercury
  • LBC’s
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Box Cutters
  • Iron Cross (*at this point, YHC could literally not even hold my own torso up without falling backwards to the ground)


12 – Dewey, One and Done, Sir Mix-a-lot, Bottomless, Jail Bait, Costello, Baron, Teacher’s Pet, Low Note, Blart, Easily Amused, Handsy (QIC)


I’ve noticed my temptation to quit or modify as soon as an exercise gets tough in F3. Realizing I’ll never get stronger like that. In planning this workout, I was afraid that 60 seconds per exercise with not recovery in between would be really challenging. It was. But I needed to push myself to keep going even if it was hard. I also realized that I do this in life…when things get too hard I just quit or change my plans. YHC challenged the PAX to push ourselves in life. We can’t just quit when things get hard. We have to push through. 


This workout was HARD and nearly impossible to complete without modifying some of the exercises. But I was encouraged by the PAX pushing one another to keep going. And thanks to Sir Mix-a-lot for providing a killer playlist to keep us motivated!

Crucible “light” training convergence with Old Forest and Sandlot – TOMORROW (Tuesday, 2/26) – 0500 at Old Forest, run 2 miles (no man left behind!) to Sandlot, 20 minute beat down by Four Eyes, run back to Old Forest.

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