January 7, 2020

Yinz’r Routines and ‘Remember the Duck’

THE SCENE:  Cold with the hope of warm.  Lipton almost collided with me on his jog over. I had to swerve my bicycle just to avoid him.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: I am a professional archaeologist not a fitness and wellness instructor.  Our currency in the gloom is sweat and pain.  We will make a down-payment today.
WARM-O-RAMA:   Deep stretches IC, Hands of the clock (High Plank; what are the 3 F’s? followed by 12 Merkins, rotate counter clockwise a quarter to 9; What is the F3 credo? followed by 9 Merkins, rotate to 6 o’clock; What are the 5 core principles? followed by 6 Merkins, rotate to 3; What is the F3 Mission Statement? followed by 3 Merkins, rotate to 12, recover).

1 mile run, 10 minute time hack, for Sparky’s January Run Challenge.  Our time 8:15, no penalty.

Mosey to compass rose, circled up for a Ladder Routine:

Round 1:  1 Burpee IC, 2 Squats IC, 3 Mt. Climbers IC

Round 2:  2 Burpees IC, 4 Squats IC, 6 Mt. Climbers IC

repeat rounds to Round 10 adding 1 rep, 2 reps, and 3 reps onto each

Round 10: 10 Burpees IC, 20 Squats IC, 30 Mt Climbers IC  (actual: 10 Burpees, 20 Squats and 22 Mt. Climbers because I screwed up the count)

MARY:   100’s – flat on your back legs straight out at 45, arms straight out elevated a few inches off of the ground.  q calls out a 1-9 count, on each you slap the ground with your flapping arms, PAX call out the 10’s (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, PAX say 10; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, PAX say 20; . . . to 100)

Catalina wine mixer (formerly called Moguls):  High plank position, catalina (low plank and back up to high plank), right hand/arm straight up in front of you, replace, left hand/arm up in front of you, replace, right hand/arm all the way up reaching for the sky into a side high plank position, down and punch under your body, back all the way up. left hand/arm all the way up into a side plank, back down and punch under, all the way up again and replace into a high plank, Merkin.  Rinse and Repeat x 5

6 PAX, 0 FNGS; Lipton, CCR (Willy Loman from Nashville), Beauty Shop, Laettner, Paper Trail, Tomb Raider

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  ‘Remember the Duck’

School had ended for the summer and a young boy and his sister went to stay at their grandmother’s farm for the summer.  The boy, Will, received a sling shot to take with him and have fun with over the summer.  The kid was a horrible shot and couldn’t hit anything he aimed at.  One afternoon, on a whim he picked up a rock and causally shot at a duck out on the pond.  As it would happen the stone connected with the duck, killing it outright.  Will’s heart sank into his gut as this duck was his Grandmother’s favorite.  He looked around to see if anyone had seen and pretended like nothing had happened.  As he walked back to the house passing the barn his sister, Caroline who had seen everything from the loft above, shouted down to him that he was in big trouble for sure.

At the dinner table that night, the boy was quite but was relieved when the meal passed without his sister telling on him.  Afterwards their Grandmother asked Caroline to clear off the table and do the dishes.  She responded, “Grandmother, Will really likes doing the dishes.” Immediately, he began to deny his sisters claim but was silenced when she whispered “remember the duck”.

Well this went on for a few days.  Every time their Grandmother asked Caroline to do something she would pawn it off on Will, always with a whispered “remember the duck”.  One day Will had had it.  Enough was enough, he thought.  Coming clean and receiving his punishment would be better than doing his sister’s chores all summer long.  So, he approached his Grandmother and with head bowed and teary eyes recounted his mistake of killing her prized fowl.

To his surprise, his Grandmother just smiled and said that she had seen everything from the kitchen window and that she loved him more than that duck.  She also said that she wanted to see how long he would stand doing Caroline’s chores before coming clean.

Unfortunately, this story is like us with God.  We screw up, make a mistake and then carry that mistake with us for many days, months, years after.  We believe the lies of the great deceiver as he whispers “Remember that time when you . . . . watched porn, cheated on your wife, embezzled those funds, hit your kid in anger, forgot your M’s birthday”, fill in the blank.  Satan is always trying to keep us ignorant of God’s grace and the fact that once you repent, its finished, its over.  Jesus, for those that believe, paid for that past mistake, therefore in God’s eyes, its gone, forgotten, no longer held against you.  So why are our prayers of repentance like this, “God I screwed up again.  I keep stumbling on this.  Why do I always fail and keep making this type of mistake?”  These are results of the lie we have been told and begin to believe.  Instead we should pray, “I made this mistake.  I screwed up just now.  Thank you for forgiving me.  I don’t want to do this again.  Give me the strength, the accountability, and the tools to not do so again.”

We can’t earn it, just accept it.  God isn’t keeping a tally of our past screw ups vs. our ‘atta boys’.  Start the new year, the new day, the next hour mistake free.  Eye’s forward and remember; ‘Submit yourselves then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.’ James 4:7

MOLESKIN:   Beauty Shop renamed Moguls to ‘Catalina Wine Mixer’, so we can thank him for that.  Rounds of 20 with these are a real burner, time constraints (hah) made us modify down to 5.

I was so focused on counting cadence for the ladder work that keeping track of the rep counts went out the window.  PAX, help the q out by yelling out those rep counts loudly.  Do as much as you can in cadence as it keeps us all together and provides a powerful force to push us through.  OYO is overused IMO.  Finally, q as much as you can in cadence as it forces you to control your breathing (still working on this myself).

Posting at different AO’s and different regions is well worth it.  You really get some creative ideas, likes and dislikes, in addition to strengthening the network.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:    Run January challenge.  Run and log those miles.  I’d love to see Sparky complete 4 Merkin Miles before a BC someday!!  Pick a goal, bronze, silver, or gold and go get it.

It was great having Nashville Nantan CCR with us.  We certainly did not give him enough crap.  I deeply regret this.

Prayers for back to school 2.0’s and M’s, may their mornings be ever blessed free from malfunctioning alarm clocks and wardrobe tantrums, an abundance of cereal bars and frozen waffles, packed lunches, and traffic free commutes.

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