December 14, 2017

Yak Attack

AO: Old Forest (Overton Park)

QIC: Pirtle

PAX: Cargo, Beauty Shop, Heavyweight, Handsy, Bookworm, Ghost Dog, Speed Bump, Royal, CraYfish, Splice, Second Base, Pop Star, Shoestring, Sir Mix A Lot, Teacher’s Pet, Phat Pat, Roga, Four Eyes

Conditions: Chilly

Welcome and Disclaimer


SSH x25

Baby Arm Circles

The Thang:

A little bit of Tibet visited Memphis. Yaks were everywhere.

We partnered up and split into 4 stations. They were: Himalayan Mountain Climbers x 300 (4 count), TiBurpees x 125, Yak Grazing Drydocks x 250, and Squatty Potty Jump Squats x 250. One partner begins exercise while other partner runs a lap, then switch. Flapjack until all reps done at a station. After 1st station is complete, yak crawl 3/4 of a lap to 2nd station. After completing that, yak crawl 1/2 a lap to third. After finishing there, yak crawl 1/4 lap to final station.


Hello Dalai Lamas x 25

Iron Cross Hello Dalai Lamas x less than 25

Baby Makers

Count & Name -O-Rama


Ephesians 2:10 – What is the good work God prepared in advance for you today?

Prayed for Tiny’s mom, Roga’s friend Mike Arnold Sr, Second Base’s friend Pat, and Four Eyes’ dad.


Awesome turnout for my VQ. It was a lot of fun and adrenaline pumping. Thankful for the pax being committed to being better!