June 15, 2018

Worst of both

  • QIC
    • “Worst of both.” ~ Choker (probably)
      Phat Pat’s Weinke
      Granola’s Q’ing
      Not what the PAX deserved, needed, or wanted
    • Muggy with a thick cloud of disappointment when Soulja Boy asked, “Where’s the Q [Phat Pat]?!” and YHC announced he was on Q because Perpetually Hurt, Always Trashtalking Pat was doing what he does best. Geographically, we were on the other side of the Morg.
    • Done.
    • Chinnooks 60x IC as penalty for
      • Missing equipment during the CSAUP equipment check
        • Water
        • CMU
        • Reflective band
        • Optional headlamp
      • Mr. Wonderful taking his sweet sassy molassy time getting out of his truck. This was the bulk of the penalty. The more YHC lost his Doc McStuffins at him, the slower MrW moved. THEN MrW had the gall to call Chinnooks “whirlybirds” and YHC really lost it. If YHC was clipboard Q’ing, PAX would have easily done 200 Chinooks, adding 10 for every PAX that stopped moving, but alas, we had a hill to go see about and it was #NotMyWeinke
    • 1 mile ruck march
      • two lines
      • from STARTEX
      • to the ginormous hill at the Bartlett Notasport complex
      • carrying CMUs
      • arms reach (roughly)
      • three road crossings
    • At the top-ish of the only hill in Bartlett, PAX paired off to complete a total of 200 8-Count Spider Jump w/Ruck. P1 performed the exercise, P2 moseyed down the moist hill only to bear crawl back up to flippy floppy.
    • 1 mile ruck march back to STARTEX with all the aforementioned accouterments.
  • MARY:
    • Rucked CMU swings 20x IC
    • Rucked Pickle Pounders 10x IC
    • Rucked Aw Yeahs (ruck on front) for an unknowable quantity (because of Aw Yeah cadence). Some effort was made to alternate arms to avoid a Trogdor arm.
    • 2 PAX (0 FNGs) for pre-ruck BC ruck: Choker, Granola.
    • 10 PAX (0 FNGs) for Ruck BC: Choker, Granola, Soulja Boy, Bootheel, Orange Julius, Crevasse, Jasmine, Ditch, Zima, and even eventually Mr. Wonderful
    • General GoRuck platitudes
      • Brief cobainy explanation of the CSAUP penalty assessed for missing optional headlamps.
      • “Mission first, men always”
      • “There’s no man more important than the 6”
      • We succeed or fail together.
      • YHC shared how he had the “privilege” of doing an extra hill sprint at the GoRuck Light because he took off and left the 6. Cadre sent YHC back for the 6 and a hard lesson about being an idiot.
    • Prayers for the infirm and careers of the PAX & friends.
    • Strong Morg showing for the inaugural Ruck workout.
    • Don’t hold YHC’s Q’ing performance or tantrum against the Morg. HC for next week’s ruck workout now anyway.