July 18, 2018

World Cup of Wrath!

THE SCENE: The Morg welcomed us with a dense layer of humidity that was like a warm, wool sweater in the desert sun…


Side straddle hop (x10)

Imperial walkers (x10)

Helicopters (x10 4 count cadence)

60 secs of high knees


World of Nations Cup of Wrath

Knockout Round

In honor of the 2018 World Cup, the PAX will celebrate with pain. PAX will be dealt multiple cards accordingly to the size of the group. Each card has a final score of a match during the WC18. That score has been translated on the back of the card into an F3 set of exercises. Pax will go around the circle, calling out exercise in honor of the match. For example, a match resulting in a 3-0 score means 3 total goals=3 burpees. PAX will continue around the circle with exercises until all games have been called and exercises performed, or time runs out.

Revolving Exercises:

Bear Crawls to flag

Crab walk to flag


Imperial Squat walks


Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey to Pavilion

Army Crawl

60 sec low plank hold

60 sec squat hold

90 sec low plank


2 person teams were formed. Teams go head to head in penalty kicks (1 shot per team on open goal) while PAX hold plank. Losing team does 10 burpees while winning team moves on to determine a winner.


In honor of the embarrassing disqualification of the USA from World Cup play in pre-qualifiers, PAX will perform flutter kicks in a circle while reciting the pledge of allegiance word for word.

12 PAX, no FNG’s


The World Cup brings great attention, like the Olympics, to the gathering of the nations.  It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it makes me think of the Scriptures.  Two great events in the Scriptures describe the gathering of the nations.  The first occurred in Gen 11.  God flooded the world and everyone in it as a judgment against sin.  After repopulating the earth with the single family of Noah, man returned to its evil, corrupt ways.  A culmination of that reoccurring sin led to the gathering of the people of the earth under one task-to make a name for themselves by building the tower of Babel.  There God saw their pride and arrogance and scattered those people by confusing their languages.  This is one of the great examples of the curse of sin among all people.  Where man thought they would gather in arrogance to make their name great, God scattered them to remind the world that He is the only King.

Jesus came to redeem lost sinners and be the savior to the those scattered people.  Although they are from every tongue, tribe and nation, they can now be united as one again in their surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, God’s Son.  These people from different cultures gather today in churches, from all different tongues, tribes and nations to worship the same Lord and King.  As Reveleation 7 teaches, that worship in the church is a foreshadowing of the worship  in heaven around the throne of Christ for all eternity.  This is the second gathering of the nations, one much more important and lasting than the World Cup!

As PAX, we should observe and see God’s plan from before the foundation of the world to save people not like us.  Not just Americans, but Iranians, Mexicans, Russians, etc.  He does this for His glory and by His power. Likewise, we must participate in his gathering of the nations.  We are called to love those that are not like us, from different cultures and in loving them we share the love of Christ with them.

MOLESKIN: This Q backfired in my face.  It was a complete miss on an open goal.  In trying to give the PAX a greater love and respect for the game of soccer and the World Cup, I only drove a deeper wedge between the two.  They actually hate soccer more now and will never watch a match again.  Not that they ever watched a game to begin with.