October 14, 2018

Working the Pole(s)

THE SCENE: 47° and lonely. Seems that some Levee regulars must’ve died from frostbite upon stepping outside on this bitterly cold morn. WINTER IS COMING, you guys. Just before the clock struck 0530, a strange and shady van came screaming into the parking lot. At first, YHC thought the Morg Creeper had taken a southeastern voyage to peep some fresh meat … but upon closer inspection, this particular van was not near rapey enough. The driver quickly exited his stranger-danger mobile and revealed himself to be Uncle Pronto Pop. That guy is just full of surprises. He did offer us some free candy, but it was early and we didn’t want to spoil our breakfast beatdown.


SSH IC x 15
Merkins IC x 15
Rocky Balboas IC x 20
Imperial Walkers IC x 15
Let’s do it!*


A) 0.7 mile Mosey Lap Indian Run w/stops for 30 Cherry Pickers and 30 overhead claps

B) Partner up and work the poles

1. Sprint to pole 1: 25 CMU swings (partner performs mountain climbers)
2. Sprint to pole 2: 25 Merkins (partner performs squats)
3. Sprint to pole 1: 25 CMU squat press (partner performs plank jacks)
4. Sprint to pole 2: 25 Caroline Dry Docks (partner performs Bonnie Blairs)
5. Sprint to pole 1: 25 CMU curls (partner performs SSH)
6. Sprint to pole 3: 25 Inerkins (partner performs flutter kicks)
7. Sprint to pole 3: 25 Derkins (partner performs jump squats)
8. Sprint to pole 3: 25 dips (partner performs chill cut plank)

LBC IC x 20
Jane Fonda IC x 10 each leg
Gas Pumps IC x 20
Freddie Mercury IC x 15

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 6 PAX showed bravery in the face of bitter cold and a suspect white van: Woody, Snowman, Sparky, Pronto Pup, Corky, Captain Obvious (QIC)


1 Cor. 16:13: “Be watchful. Stand firm in the faith. Act like men. Be strong.”

Awareness: where are you weak?
Responsibility: where do you need to lead your family?
Initiate: where do you need to act?
Be known: who can you bring into your shield lock so you can be 100% known?

MOLESKIN: Despite the AOQ’s absence, we managed to put on a solid F3 morning. The mumblechatter was superb, the PAX got after it and Larry was even spotted by YHC on the way in … what else could one realistically ask for? Props to Sparky and Snowman for running to and from BC. Beasts. Accolades also go to Corky for braving the cold and driving in from Collierville. Not even our local residents showed that bravery/loyalty. Stars in his crown. Congratulations to Woody for making it through another BC without his M going into labor. His phone was, however, in his truck … which was completely useless from 5:25-6:25. He lives dangerously. Felicitations to Pronto Pup for owning a van that causes most people to gather up their children and leave when it arrives on the scene. That van has seen/done some things.

Billy Blanks had a yard sale this weekend. There are probably some really goodish items left over. If not, he may be willing to part with his dog. You should fax him an offer. Also, the Dads & 2.0 Campout at Fort Carpenter was Friday night. You missed it. Be better.


*not an exercise