August 30, 2017

Working on the Levee


AO: The Levee (Houston Levee Park)


QIC: Escobar (Josh Regel)


PAX: Woody, C-LO, F150, Meter Maid, Shoe String, Brady, Escobar


Conditions: cloudy 70






SSH x 25

Imperial Squat Walker x 15

Baby arm circles x 15 each arm

Plank Shoulder tap x 15 ic

Indian run catch me 5 Burpees – two rounds of burpees

End at baseball field bleachers


The Thang

Raccoon crawl across three sets of bleachers and raccoon crawl back

5 box jumps on brick wall

Rinse and repeat Raccoon crawl

10 incline merkins


10 box jumps

20 squats

20 lunges

Rinse and repeat

Peoples Chair till all in


Burp and Merk

1 burpee

1 merkin

2 burpee

2 merkin

Up to 5 of each


Mosey to skate park

Dips x 20

Reab balls to the wall (inverted bear balls to the wall) x2

Dips x 20

Pike push up x 15


Brady’s favorite exercise was Reab balls to the wall so we did one more set.



Big boy sit ups x 15

Plank jacks x 15

Leg raises x 15

Bridges x 15



What drives you? Why motivates you? What is your life’s purpose?

Matthew 28:19-21 – Go make disciples – seek opportunities to influence others.


7 PAX for Shoulders day – PAX gave max effort. No man was left behind. Some groaning about yesterdays leg day.