November 27, 2017

Working off the Turkey and Dressing

AO:  The Levee

QIC:  Escobar Aka Slicnut

PAX:  Captain Obvious, Billy Blanks, Slots, Meter Maid, Rabbit, C-Lo, Escobar aka Slicnut, F-150

Conditions:  35F, Clearly Cold


Big Arm Circles X 20
Cotton Pickers IC X 15
Squats IC X 15
Windmill IC X 15
Apollo Ono OYO X 10 each side

Mosey to Football Field parking lot

The Thang:
Butt Kickers Forward 20 Yards and Backwards 20 Yards
Spiderman Crawl 15 yards and return to line Crab Crawl
Lunges forward 15 Yards and Reverse lunge back to line
Squat Jumps OYO X 20
Merkin 8 sets of 10 with 10 second break between each set

Partner Work
Plank/Ladder every 5 yards to 25 yards X 3
Plank Circles/Frog Jump 15 yards X 3

Mosey back to flag
Partner Work
Dips X 20/Big Boy Sit-ups X 20 X 3


Mountain Climbers IC X 20
Crunchy Frog IC X 15
Hello Dolly IC X 15
Side Plank Leg Raises OYO X 10 Each side
Box Cutters IC X 15
Flutter Kicks IC X 15
Pickle Pounders IC X 15



COT: Romans 7:1-6 Do we need the Law (Old Testament) since we have Jesus?  The Law shows us what sin is.  It defines it and introduces God’s wrath to us.  The Law cannot save.  Only Jesus can save.  Share this with someone.

Consider what little time we have left this year.  Get to work.