October 20, 2017

Woody Run? Yes, he Wood

AO:  The Levee

QIC:  Woody – VQ

PAX:  Go Fish, Woody, Escobar, F150, 1FNG

Conditions:  Clear and Woody 48F



Side Straddle Hop IC X 20
Arm Circles IC X 20
Reab Balls to the Wall

The Thang:
Indian Run with 5 burpees to the track
Run bleachers and at the top do Merkin, next bleachers run to top and do Squat through all 5 sets of stairs (aka Stairway to Heaven)
Rinse and repeat

Run ¼ Mile with a bear crawl to finish
Run ¼ Mile with a 10 squats/ bear crawl to finish
Sprint 1/8 Mile then finish ½ Mile (2 laps) around track

Mosey back to skate park

Flutter Kicks
Hello Dolly
Freddie Mercurys
LBC (little baby crunchies)




Discussion around prayer and its transforming ability in our lives as well as taking it seriously, not only asking for our needs to be met but to “hallow” God’s name.  Prayers are part of the causality of the final victory of God.  He wouldn’t have asked us to pray that his kingdom come if he didn’t mean for our prayers to be an instrument in the coming of the kingdom.

Moleskin: Welcome Duggar to F3.  Small Business owner of Jumping Jelly Beans inflatables and play area at Carriage Crossing mall.  Check out https://www.jumpinjellybeansmemphis.com/