November 8, 2019

wolf trump

THE SCENE: Barracks. Freezing.
SSH IC x 25

Windmill IC X 12

Imperial Walker IC x 12

Hillbilly IC x 12

Daisy Picker IC x 12
We jogged 2.68 miles at a mosey pace, stopping every 5 minutes or so to perform an exercise. Moseyed up to the top of the parking garage adjacent ROTC track, and back down. Ran from there to the bridge and across to the parking garage next to the bridge, up to the top and back down, across the bridge, and back to the track. Exercises are as follows (WOLF spells out first 4 exercise performed, taken from my Q at Arcadia this week):

  • War Hammers IC x 25 – This exercise is a combination of a World War II sit-up by adding four American Hammer reps at the top of the sit up. Similar to Captain Thor, but this does not include an ascending count.
  • Obamas OYO to half-way point in parking garage (short-wise) and back – In honor of the 44th POTUS, this traveling exercise consists primarily of a Bear Crawl, but after every 4 hand moves PAX must stop and perform 4 Merkins. (The 4 and 4 for the 44th, in case you needed that explained to you…)
  • Lt. Dans IC x 25 – A Squat and 2 Single-leg Lunge combination in ascending rep counts of each, usually up to 10. From Forrest Gump, Lt. Dan “ain’t got no legs.”
  • Fairy Jacks IC x 25 (last 10 were modified to regular SSH, being that some fellow PAX couldn’t keep up with YHC, emphasis on the H) – Very quick Side Straddle Hop, where your feet only hit the ground in the middle.
  • Trumps OYO to chosen location…about 20 yards or so from starting line on ROTC track – In honor of the 45th POTUS, this traveling exercise consists primarily of a Crab Walk, but after every 5 hand moves PAX must stop and perform 5 Crab Dips. (The 4 and 5 for the 45th, in case you needed that explained to you…)

9 PAX (1 FNG) – Upgrade (QIC), Chioccetti, Dewey, Mirrors, Beauty Shop, Pop Tart, Teacher’s Pet, Altar Boy, and FNG – Liver Toss. Welcome to F3, Liver Toss! So glad to have him join our cult.
Pop Tart shared a message about how we are all one in the body of Christ, but we all are different. We need to learn how to utilize each other’s unique differences to better the whole.