September 18, 2018

Winning or seeking to win?

THE SCENE:  69° and 85% humidity at the shiniest AO in F3Memphis

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: They were welcomed and disclaimed

SSH IC x20
Daisy Pickers IC x15
IW IC x15
Small arm circles IC x15 (+ reverse)
0.5 mile mosey

Decided to come up with my own WIB, so we did CHADS – a circuit workout at each station and on your own:
Carolina dry docks x15
Hand-release merkins x15
Alternating shoulder taps x25
Dumbbell clean and press (30#x2) x15
Squats x30

Each PAX started at a different station while one PAX carried something heavy ~100 yards, circling the gazebo, then back. Continued circuit until each PAX had completed the heavy carry twice with each item. Loop distance was ~1/8 mile.

Heavy carry 1: 40# dumbbell x2 (these things got heavy)
Heavy carry 2: 40# sand bag

Dealer’s choice:
No Fuego: flutter kicks
Private: mountain climbers
Zima: WWI sit-ups 

Private, No Fuego, Zima

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” – Sun Tzu

It’s far too easy to set your life on auto-pilot and cruise along instead of attacking each day and becoming better prepared to be victorious.

How are we preparing ourselves to be victorious warriors every day? We strengthen our bodies in F3, but what are we doing to sharpen our minds? How are we strengthening our spirit so we can confidently enter the daily battles we face, already confident in our victory?

Consider this, seek out your weaknesses and attack them so that they can become strengths. But continue to work on your strengths as well, so that you can be confident of your victory before the battle even begins.

All three PAX that showed up today are regular lifters, this was a good thing. Everybody needs some weightlifting in their life, but not everyone would have been ready for this one.

Also, my shoulders are toast.

Errbody needs to sign up to take food to Gilligan.