December 30, 2020

Why Go Anywhere?

55 degrees and t-shirt weather – oh, baby…


Given that I arrived at 5:32 am, I was told that there was disclaimage (apologies to the PAX for this – I decided to bring coffee for the first time and didn’t give myself enough time to brew, pack cups, and get there early – all on me).

SSH x 50 IC

Quad stretch OYO

Hamstring stretch OYO

Frankensteins x 10 IC


Phase One – AT STARTEX

1.     25 Burpees
2.     50 Merkins
3.     75 Smurf Jacks
4.     100 Evander Holyfields (I told the PAX these were Joe Louis’ but alas, they were EV’s)
5.     150 Squats
Phase Two – AT STARTEX
o   Balls to the Wall – 1-minute interval (the mumblechatter was strong here – this exercise got re-named several times using words that rhyme with “brick” and “block.” There was general agreement that the older members of the group all experience a condition known as “hangage lowage.”)
o   Wall sits – 1 minute interval
o   Rinse and repeat x 5
Phase Three –
Suicides at STARTEX


  • Side plank, 30 seconds then switch
  • ABC’s
  • Boxcutters x 15 IC
  • BBSU’s x 10 IC

12 PAX, no FNG’s


Winston Churchill said: “You have enemies? Good. That means that you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” YHC shared the faculty talk he would like to give – yes, we need to be there at this time in history with compassion. We need to take care of each other. AND, yes, we need to be there at this time in history with the practice of containment. It is possible that compassion can go too far in that it can infantilize people into believing that they can’t handle adversity with resilience from within. Containment points us to keep our expectations of each other high and to call each other out when we fall too deeply into the morass of self-pity. 2020 has been a suck-fest. But guess what? We’ve endured and even grown in tremendous ways during it. Isn’t that why we come here each morning to take this DRP?

Prayers for Red Light whose son, Walter Henry, is dealing with seizures, prayers for Upgrade’s mother as she battles with COVID, and prayers for my sister, Loryn, as she battles a new breast cancer diagnosis with her operation earlier this week.

1/1/21 Convergence at 7:00 am. It’s somewhere…

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