December 27, 2018

Why are we doing this?

THE SCENE: Cool, gloomy Barracks; 12/21/2018

Lap around track doing buttkickers, high knees, lunge walking, side shuffle, back pedal, and forward. Follow up with some stretching.


  • Run 4 laps with a partner. Partner A sets the pace on laps 1 and 3. Partner B sets the pace on laps 2 and 4. Do burpees till all in.
  • Mary: IC 50 LBCs, 25 flutter kicks, 25 big boy sit ups
  • 2 laps around track: Sprint a straight, jog the curve, walk the next straight, jog the curve, repeat.
  • 100 meter sprints x 2: Two heats; if you’re not first, you’re last; if you’re last, you get to do five burpees (promoted fasted in heat 2 to heat 1, and slowest in heat 1 to heat 2)
  • 50 Meter sprint
  • Lunge walk till endex

See above

14 PAX got (in the words of Toms) Snookie’d:  Altar Boy, Bookworm, Bottomless, Flatland, Gus, Handsy, Jailbait, Judah, Lodge, MIB, Snookie, Soybean, Toms, Yardsale

I had drafted a response to a comment Toms had made on GrowRuck in the GrowRuck channel. That channel disappeared before I could post it. Here it is:

“A brotherhood was forged that night and much of the rest of my life is just not like that. Throughout that night I felt miserable, tired, inadequate, and ready to quit multiple times. And then, when I was at my weakest someone stronger than me would come along and offer a word of encouragement or give up the rest they had earned to help me along. On Crab Mountain I was pushing myself to the max and my progress could be measured in inches per minute. I needed help and everyone else could see that. There was no hiding my helpless. I could not overcome that obstacle on my own. As soon as guys overcame it they came back down to help those of us still struggling. I was literally carried by half a dozen of you the last few yards up.That kind of brotherhood is too rarely found in other areas of life, including, sadly, the church. We all have struggles in our life but most of the time they can be well hidden. I’ve been thinking of how much more progress we could make if we stopped hiding our struggles and let people know how helpless we are. Brothers will come to carry you. I learned that this past weekend.”

We ran. It wasn’t  fun. YHC thinks he got better. He hopes others did too.