December 30, 2020

Who are you chasing?

Perfect 55-degree day. Everyone was in shorts. This may or may not have been a major reason I chose today to commit to a Q.




15 Daisy Pickers IC

12 front arm circles IC

12 back arm circles IC

Split up into pairs. YHQ and AOQ partnered up and Cheese and Psalty paired up as well (probably on some charcuterie board somewhere). We had an odd number so Hobo partnered with a 60 lb sandbag because he knew it would mumble less than Cheese. Each pair must accomplish the following doing no more than 2 exercises at a time (so you can do exercises 1 and 2 but you cannot move onto exercise 3 until exercise 1 is complete in its entirety). 1 PAX exercises while the other PAX runs what amounts to roughly a .25 mile loop to the end of the trail and back. Hot N Ready said he got 2.25 miles in during BC!

100 Overhead press with CMU

150 Bonnie Blares (2 is 1)

200 Merkins

250 Goblet squats with CMU

300 flutter kicks holding CMU (4 is 1)

I figured the flutter kicks covered this so once Cheese and Psalty finished the full workout we circled up for merkins while holding plank for the last 2 minutes. Start at 1 and count it out until all PAX do 1; then 2 etc. We finished 2 seconds over time with all PAX completing round 5.

5 no FNG

Who are you chasing? For 99.9% of us there is always somebody better and somebody worse. That’s true in fitness, true in our jobs, true in how big our house is or how nice a car we drive, true in the kind of fathers and husbands we are. Hobo worked out with a 60lb sandbag not to show off but because he needs the extra weight to push himself.  It’s not an easy thing to do but we always must balance being humble and grateful for where we are at while still not being satisfied. It’s ok to celebrate progress in all areas of your life as long as there is a better goal ahead. So run that extra mile, work hard at your profession so you can live and give better than you are today. Be better at every aspect of your life in 2021. Help those behind you and make sure you are chasing someone ahead of you.

This was my second Q and I was more comfortable doing the warmups and feel like I delivered a better COT at the end. The Thang still needs some work as I was not as familiar with Arcadia as I should have been.

Pre-Ran with Hobo and Cheesesteak and we got about 4.25 miles in. I started pre-running a few weeks ago to accelerate my first F (and because most PAX don’t like to Q much running!) but have found that it’s my second F that get accelerated the most. At a NMLB pace (which in this case was don’t leave me sucking wind by myself) you can talk about everything from Christmas traditions, how to find joy in sorrow (Cheese gets deep!) and your feelings on the 2nd round of stimulus checks. Plus, on days colder than this one it is the best warm-o-rama.

Bauer is coming!

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