June 22, 2019

Where there is Smoke there is sure to be Fire.


Mothership. Warm and rather humid.



Mosey to Visitor Center for Circle of Pain in grass field facing Hyde Lake.

*SSH x 22 IC
*HILL BILLIES (clockwise in motion, sideways) 1 full 360 degree rotation, ending where you started
*IMPERIAL WALKERS (counter-clockwise in motion, backwards) 1 full 360 degree rotation, ending where you started
*BEAR CRAWL (clockwise) 180 degree rotation
*CRAWL BEAR (counter-clockwise) 180 degree rotation, ending back where you started
*SSH x 22 IC

Mosey back to Shovel Flag


PART 1: Tire Flip Up Hill

PAX lined up single file line
PAX took turns flipping tractor tire then ran to back of line
PAX performed transportation while in line awaiting their turn

*RD 1): Lunge Walk
*RD 2) Squat Walk
*RD 3) Bear Crawl
*RD 4) Bobby Hurley

Indian Run up the remainder of the hill

Indian Run down the hill back to where we started with the tire

Mosey to nearby parking lot for PART 2

PART 2:  11’s (kind of)

*Body Bag Builders at N end of parking lot
PAX performed 1 BBB then ran to S end of parking lot about 75 yards away
*Squats at S end of parking lot
PAX performed 10 SQ then ran back to N end of parking lot and performed Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
*Recover then begin 2 BBB…9 SQ, 3 BBB…8 SQ, etc…
*Rinse and Repeat until time expired (after completing 9 BBB…2 SQ)

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

15; Mardi Gras, Croissant, Grimace, Lochte, Beetus, Tremor, Four Eyes, Farmer, Toucan, Ice Cube, C-Lo, Photoshop, Chuck E Cheese, Nature Boy and O Positive (YHC)

Sacrifice.  Sometimes life demands or invites us HIM to sacrifice our own needs for the needs of others; M, Shorties and fellow PAX.  Today, Frosty did just that by forgoing his 1st F to man the grill today and prepare a breakfeast of epic proportions.  He found his D2X.

Today pushed many a PAX to his limits, including YHC.  Many PAX were introduced to “Switzer” for the first time today.  T-claps to C-Lo for leading by example.  T-T-claps to Club 345 PAX for a great week and the 26 Mile Ruckers for putting in work and joining us for a wonderful 2ndF experience.  All in all, a solid morning exhibiting all that makes our F3 brotherhood so special.  Thanks to all who pitched in this morning.  Love you guys.


See: Preblast