December 11, 2017

When the work-out smokes the Q…and we keep going. Komodo, anyone??

AO: The Lair

QIC: O Positive

PAX: Slots, C-Lo, Sortie, Gus and O Positive; 1 FNG (Backseat)

CONDITIONS: Clear and cold…36 degrees



*Quick mosey around yonder, over a big hill in a nearby field and back

•SSH x20 IC
•Windmills x20 IC
•Imperial Walkers x20 IC
•Hill Billies x20 IC
*Wide Arms Circles (F) x20 IC
*Wide Arm Circles (R) x20 IC

YHC was still eager to show the enthusiastic PAX some more of the real estate and landscape that this new AO had to offer.  This time YHC opted to stay local and take in the scenery of the nearby lake.

Welcome to Peterson Lake, boys.


Using ‘equally spaced’ light posts avg 40 yards apart…the PAX divided into 3 sets of 2.

The PAX moved in 3 waves.

PAX 1 and 2, starting with 1 Burpee at the 1st light post…Bear Crawling to post 2.

Once PAX 1 and 2 reached post 2,  PAX 3 and 4 began their work and followed PAX 1 and 2. Behind them followed PAX 5 and 6.

>Start at Post 1:1 Burpee then Bear Crawl to Post 2 (40 yards)
>Reach Post 2: 2 Burpees then Lunge Walk to Post 3
>Reach Post 3: 3 Burpees then Komodo (like the dragon)…yes, YHC created this monster…(imagine performing 1 low push-up…right arm and right knee moving in sync…another pushup…left arm and knee moving in sync…another push-up…yeahhhhh….40 yards) to Post 4
>Reach Post 4: 4 Burpees (can’t feel arms) then Jog to Post 5
>Reach Post 5: 5 Burpees then Crawl Bear to Post 6
>Reach Post 6: 6 Burpees then Squat Walk to Post 7
>Reach Post 7: 7 Burpees then Crab Walk to Post 8
>Reach Post 8: 8 Burpees then Jog to nearby Gazebo for Arm work

*Round 2:
Finding a nearby Gazebo on our return mosey…stopping and using 2 benches the PAX split into 2 sets of 3…performed Dips x50 OYO…HOLD until all in…jog to multi-purpose field Bleachers.

*Round 3:
Bleacher Runs x10.

*Final Round:
Sprint 50 yards…Al Gore until all in.

*s-l-o-w mosey back to starting point for 4 minutes of Mary

•Star Gazers x20 Seconds IC
*Hello Dolly x20 IC
•Flutter Kicks x20 IC
•Box Cutters x10 IC
•Box Cutters x10 IC (Reverse)



>YHC was grateful for the opportunity to lead the PAX this morning.  YHC challenged the men to consider what their “WHY” is. What makes them get up to meet their brothers so early…to get healthier? Stronger? Personally? Relationally? For their families? For themselves, perhaps? Finished with the BOM by lifting PAX prayer requests up.

*Smaller turn-out than YHC would have liked but made the most of it. Brady forgot to meet his FNG (Backseat) at The Lair and drove 5 miles down the road to join the boys at The Levee. No harm. No foul. We welcomed Backseat with open arms like we do in the ‘ville!!  What. What! This was one of those Q’s where the Q got smoked. Slobbered like a Komodo Dragon. The PAX were sucking wind. And it felt great. Coffeeteria convergence was had by the PAX of Germantown (The Levee) and Collierville (The Lair).

The legend of The Lair grows…