October 25, 2017

When Bear Crawls and Crab Dips fight to the Death…No One Wins. No One.

AO: Old Forest

QIC: O Positive

PAX: Cargo, Pirtle, Hacker, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Shoestring, Four Eyes, Crayfish, Soybean, Slick Billy, Bookworm, Anklet, Hacker and O Positive; FNG (Ramen) and FNG (Hole In Two)

CONDITIONS: Clear and cold…felt like 42 degrees



*Self-imposed 10 Burpee Penalty Sucker Punch for the PAX because Phat Pat Fartsacked on his brothers. We don’t condone fartsacking.  No we don’t.

*Cap’n Merkin made a cameo appearance for the Old Forest PAX.  He’s the unofficial official mascot. Pretty cool stache, I must say. Anyways, Hacker reached into Cap’n Merkin’s cranial cavity and pulled the next exercise the PAX would do…drumroll…SQUATS…x40 IC.

•SSH x20 IC
•Wide Arm Circles (F) x20 IC
•Wide Arm Circles (R) x20 IC
*Deep Knee Bends x20 IC
•Merkins x20 IC

*YHC led the PAX on a lil’ round-about mosey

THE THANG: Kinda your classic ‘Pearls on a String’ bit…’CRAWL BEFORE YOU WALK’ routine
*YHC loathes Bear Crawls and Burpees.  Probably why he has a tendency to incorporate them into his work-outs.  What we hate sometimes is often what is best for our development. Now where was I?? Oh yeah…I was rambling. So…the PAX counted off ‘1,2’…split up into 2 groups…divided by an elliptical median on the concrete jungle that ran 30 yards N>S.

Round 1: OYO

•BEAR CRAWL… N>S…get to the end (30 yards) then do 5 MERKINS

•CRAWL BEAR…S>N…(30 yards) in reverse…AL GORE until all in

Round 2: OYO

•CRAB WALK…N>S…get to the end (30 yards) then do 10 CRAB DIPS (imagine dips while holding crab position…exactly!!)

•WALK CRAB (just like Bear Crawl but different…substitute Crabs for Bears and Walk for Crawl)…S>N…(30 yards) in reverse…AL GORE until all in

Round 3: OYO

*Forming 1 long train of BEARS to do BEAR CRAWL the PAX minus YHC began their mosey around the 30 yard elliptical median…which made for a long 30 yards down then a return trip of equal distance back to starting point

*While the PAX moseyed…YHC did solo BEAR CRAWL on the inside lane in an attempt to surpass the PAX and it was nothing short of an epic fail. YHC did complete the attempt while a hearty handful of PAX modified their BEAR CRAWL because they were spent and YHC didn’t blame them.  In fact he was kind of jelly. Many thanks to Four Eyes using his peepers to monitor YHC’s distance to the finish.

*Short (lol) mosey into the gloomy corridor about .25 miles then a robust INDIAN RUN back to the Flag.

<Somewhere in the midst of all this FNG (Ramen) Splashed Merlot…and kept on moving.  Now that was impressive.>

•Bicycle x20 IC
•Flutter Kicks x20 IC
•Box Cutters  x10 IC…hold…Box Cutters (Reverse) x10 IC
*User’s Choice: (Hacker) Hello Dolly x30 IC
*UC: (Soybean) American Hammers x21 IC
*UC: (Shoestring) Alphabet x26 letters IC



>YHC encouraged the men to ponder John Maxwell’s Daily Dozen.  Principles and disciplines he works diligently to incorporate into his daily routine called life: Attitude, Priorities, Health, Family, Thinking, Commitments, Finances, Faith, Relationships, Generosity, Values and Growth. A great opportunity exists daily for we men of F3 to evaluate our personal lives. YHC also shared what Rex Jones (father of Barret Jones, footballer from Tuscaloosa) shared in YHC men’s group the day before…’What is 1 word people will use to describe you when you are gone?” For Rex…”In his words…’Loved God. Loved people.”  For YHC…’Encourager’.  YHC challenged the PAX to think hard about that. What would the men of F3 (Memphis) say about their own lives viewed through the lense of those they hold dear.

>YHC was grateful to lead the Old Forest PAX and was proud of the PAX for posting in the early morning chill.  It was evidence that they were there to do work.  YHC did not disappoint. Glad to host Hacker from NC. You are welcome to join us in the gloom anytime you mosey back to the 901, brother. Prayer requests were lifted up among the PAX.  Aye!