September 25, 2017

When Baseball, Burpees and Mumblechatter Collide

AO:The Levee

QIC: O Positive

PAX: Escobar, Brady, Billy Blanks, Meter Maid, C-Lo and O Positive

CONDITIONS: Dark and dusty



•Overhead Claps x20 IC
•Merkins w/alternating arm raises x10 IC
•SSH x20 IC
•ButtKickers x20 IC

*Mosey to The Thang

“Ode to Matt Cain” (MLB Pitcher with San Francisco Giants who played at adjacent Houston High School in Germantown)

Part 1:
•PAX gathered at Pitcher’s Mound and held Al Gore
•1 by 1 PAX would jog to home plate then sprint to 1st base and do 1 Burpee
•Forward facing (home) shuffle to 2nd base and do 2 Burpees
•Forward facing (outfield) shuffle to 3rd base and do 3 Burpees
•Jog home
*Once PAX left 2nd base for 3rd the next PAX would begin his voyage
•Al Gore until ‘all in’

*Rinse and repeat 3 more rounds…1 round for each base represented

*s-l-o-w mosey as a group around the bases for a victory lap

Round 2:
•As a group, sprint down 1st baseline to fence (300 feet=100 yards)…’fence sit’ for 1 minute…jog home
•Repeat to center field fence (300 feet)…’fence sit’ for 2 minutes…jog home
•Repeat down 3rd baseline (300 feet)…’fence sit’ for 3 loooong minutes…jog home

*mosey to bleachers for arms/shoulders:
•Incline Derkins x20 IC
•Incline Derkins-alternating arm raises x20 IC (x10/arm)
•Incline Derkins x10 IC
•Incline Derkins-alternating arm raises x10 IC (x5/arm)

•Seated Bicycles x20 IC
•Hello Dolly x20 IC
•Alternating Toe Touches x10 IC
•Plank (user’s choice) x4 minutes OYO



>YHC shared with PAX a service opportunity that he enjoyed at the Memphis Union Mission serving homeless men with a few other PAX the night before. A humbling experience that he encouraged the PAX to consider additional ways if/when led to serve. Closed the BOM by lifting PAX prayer requests up.

*Billy Blanks did not disappoint with Mumblechatter. The PAX knocked this work-out out of the park. World Series Champion, Matt Cain, would have been proud. Well done, gentlemen!