February 22, 2018

When a Spellin’ Bee Is Underway and a Boot-Camp Work-Out Breaks Out

THE SCENE: The Lair.  45 degrees and foggy.  Peak Gloom.



Mosey down “Wagon Trail” and back.
High leg kicks.



We held the inaugural Lair Spelling Bee on the football fields.
Each letter stood for an exercise:

A for Air Squats
B for Bear Crawl
C for Cherry Pickers

Pax Lined up Alphabetically by F3 name and we all “spelled” out names based on corresponding workouts. All on 20 count or 20 yard distance.

Backdraft = Bear Crawls + Air Squats + Cherry Pickers + Karaoke + Donkey Kicks + Russian Twists + Air Squats + Flutter Kicks + Turkish Get Ups
Bombay = Bear Crawls + One Arm Burpees + Merkins + Bear Crawls + Air Squats + Your Choice (PAX chooses exercise…he chose Burpees, of course)

50 yard hard sprint after each name completed.

Wrapped up with fast-paced Indian Run around field since we didn’t get to any I’s in the beatdown.

Plenty of Mary sprinkled in throughout workout.

7; Backdraft, Bombay, C-Lo, O-Positive, Reboot, Woody, Backseat (YHC)

PAX remembered life of Rev. Billy Graham, a man who came from simple means on a North Carolina farm but lived boldly for Christ and preached to more than 200 million during his lifetime seeing thousands upon thousands be saved in the process. When he was young, a group of local businessmen used his family farm for a prayer meeting. That day they prayed that the Lord would raise up someone from the area to spread the Gospel like never before. God was faithful and answered their bold prayer. YHC stressed that you can’t play offense while playing defense – Satan wants us running backwards worried about the past. Advance forward boldly and proclaim Christ in your circle this week like Billy Graham and those businessmen in his community did.

7-way Tie.  All received a participation ribbon.

*2/24/Sat=0400 Ruck #formilez and 0815 V.A.P.E. session to follow 0700 BC

F3 Memphis men.  Better together.