June 7, 2018

Wheelbarrows and Legs at the Morg


Weather was perfect except for the sun being out and basically burning
our retinas. YHC misses the gloom, proper.


F3 mission statement stated followed by the normal spiel:

Not paid
Not forced.
Push yourself.
Don’t break yourself.
Modify as necessary.


SSH x20 IC
ISW x10 IC (of course)
Star Jumps x10 in something one could loosely call cadence, I guess.
(YHC’s 2.0s personal fav)
Daisy Pickers x10 IC
Capri Lap around the parking lot
Baby Arm Circles x10 IC then reverse
Overhead Clap x10 IC

YHC made a horrible mistake this morning that he is not sorry about and which he will now explain.

PAX moseyed over to the entrance of the path around the baseball fields that conveniently happens to be dotted with WAY TOO MANY light posts.

Partner up. 2.0s were encouraged to hang near and imitate pops rather than partner up.

Wheelbarrow to the first light post. Once there perform 10 box jumps together with partner.
(bear crawls recommended as an acceptable modification for our clydesdales and short armed 2.0s)

Duckwalk to next light post and perform 10 jump lunges together with partner.

Wheelbarrow to next light post and continue and so on…

The reason I call this a huge mistake is because 1/4 of the way into these absurdities YHC was REGRETTING this. Legs were so spicy we needed  some celery sticks and ranch to cut the heat! YHC legit started wondering if he could satisfy the “Do it to Q it” requirement.

At the beginning of the-thang YHC asked that the PAX pair at the 12 discern a good 1/2way point in the trail and wait for the 6. Worked out perfectly. Pax performed various Mary exercise until all in. The cool dew soaked grass made this feel like exercising on a bed made purely out of Morgan Freeman’s velvety voice. YHC heard Granola ask in the distance with what he detected to be a valid sense of dread in his voice “more of the same, Soulja Boy?”. Hellz naw! But close.

Modify all Wheelbarrows to bear crawl, Box Jumps to Squats, and Lunge Jumps to Lunges.

We didn’t finish the trail. 7 minutes till time PAX moseyed back to startex for Mary.


Dealers Choice per YHC’s usual.

– Big Boi situps x14 IC (led by Sleep Number)
– :aw_yeah: x20 IC (Thankyou sooooo much Zima!)
– YHC took the liberty to follow that up with Pickle Pounders x20 IC

21 PAX (1 FNG) WiFi; Orange Julius; Ganon; Phat Pat; Commie; Crevasse; Jasmine; Zima; Flobee; Choker; Sleep Number; Kragle; Soybean; Part Timer; Woodpecker; Lysol; Granola; Mr. Wonderful; Piccolo; Wall Builder; Soulja Boy


James 5:12
But above all, my brothers, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or by any other oath, but let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no, so that you may not fall under condemnation.

A staple mantra in YHC’s household is “Say what you mean and mean what you say”.

Shared James 5:12 and the following commentary:

Why is it so difficult for us to simply say yes or no? Perhaps because we like the ambiguity of not having to follow through with what we say. Or maybe because it’s easier to put off a tough decision for a later time. We may flirt with tendencies towards deceitfulness and not want others to know our true intentions.

Whatever the reason, God expects His children to be clear cut with their words. We aren’t to wade in the subtle grey areas of ambiguity with our words. Rather we are to be people who speak plainly, clearly, and truthfully so that we aren’t condemned by our own words.

Prayed for Soybean fam traveling, wisdom for Phat Pat while speaking at SOS, and perseverance for Piccolo and Crevasse through personal trials.

Millington AO launches Monday the 11th. All Morglians are excused by Chocker for one monday to support.