August 12, 2019

Wheelbarrow of weights.


SSH x 25 IC, TTT x 15 IC , Merkins x 10 IC, Windmills x 15 IC, LBAC x 10 IC (reverse), OHC x 10 IC, SC x 10 IC, BAC x 10 IC (reverse), SSH x 20 IC
PAX split into three groups and rotated through three Chest/Back movements:

  • Station 1:  Merkins x 25, Standard Pull-ups x 10
  • Station 2: Military pushups x 25, KBS or Ruck Swings x 20
  • Station 3: Diamond pushups x 25, Lawnmowers x 10-15 per side
  • (repeat)

Transitioned to Arms/Shoulders circuit:

  • Station 1: Alt shoulder press x 10-15, Static Arm Curls x 10 per side, Dips x 10-15
  • Station 2: Straight arm shoulder flys (2:1) x 10, In-Out curls x 8-15, Side Tricep Rise x 10 per side
  • Station 3: Upright rows x 10-15, Hammer curls x 10-15, Tricep ext x 10-15

Q Omaha’d the last circuit for time.  1 minute static squat with weight (ruck, dumbells, or KBs); quick mosey to wall and did wall sit with weight for another minute until 6:15

12 PAX (no FNGs); 1 IG
Importance of preparedness and planning for things that are not always ideal.  It does not guarantee that anything will be easy, but does allow us to be able to engage difficulty well.  Challenged PAX to consider areas in their lives where they feel less prepared and to seek out guidance, help, etc. to be better equipped for those moments, situations, etc.  Finished with 1 minute of guided meditation.

Thankful for all the guys that showed up this AM to put in the work.  Lot of guys brought weights which was clutch given the size of this group.  Really like this Monday Barracks emphasis and am looking forward to posting here more.
Convergence for 2nd anniversary on Saturday

Prayers for Tomb Raider’s friend with back troubles, Bailout’s fiend’s marriage, Teacher’s and students going back to school, Micah and Pirtle and that he will keep healing up after his hip dislocation.