January 13, 2019

What was I thinking?!?! smh

THE SCENE: 41 degrees and just about sunrise


Slow mosey from parking lot to Wolf River Parkway sidewalk.

4 mile run *sidewalk only* on Wolf River Parkway:

  1. Run 2 miles eastbound.
  2. Turn around at mid-ex.
  3. Run 2 miles westbound back to startex.

3 (0 FNG); Schwinn, Speaker and O Positive (YHC).

Follow through.  That was the gist of the message.  YHC admitted in full disclosure that he has taken the blue pill on days when he HC to the PAX.  That is not acceptable and not the way he desires to live his life and certainly not how he desires to lead–anything.  YHC made a commitment to the PAX that his 2019 will be different.  Making HC closer to the date of said event instead of all willy nilly whenever somebody posts something.  Things happen to us all and smartsacking *when advisable* is okay.  Not honoring a commitment when others are counting on me is not okay.

Disclaimer: YHC is NOT a runner.  However, the more time I spend around HIM like Speaker, Schwinn and others who make me better *like today* might just make a runner out of me after all.   Why at 47 and change am I interested in logging miles on the old knees and feet?  For the experience.  For the journey.  For all the places it will take me and the memories along the way.

Today was BRUTAL.  Period.  YHC and the 2 other PAX  rotated the leadership as pace setter for the entire run.  Like clockwork we changed positions and gears, accordingly.  Hardest run of my life.  Set a PR for the 1 mile (7:49), though and we avg. 8:04/mi.  Yeah….and I loved every second of it.  They pushed me harder than I have pushed myself and look forward to growing as a runner throughout 2019.

YHC knew he was playing with fire by leading this Sunday Runday this way but he knew that he needed the challenge.

We had fantastic PLC. Speaker came through big time and delivered the goods this time.  Schwinn likes coffee.  A lot.

Need more PAX.  Need more coffee.  Join us in the Sunday gloom men.

You won’t regret it.