November 30, 2019

What Day Is It?!

Cool, rain on the way, but looked like it would hold off. Farmer was the only one with a watch, but it was 5 minutes behind Soybean Standard Time. My plan was to use the clock tower, but its time was WAY off. That’s a lot of buts! YHC decided to bring some Monday Barracks action into the weekend.


Grab one 60# sandbag and one ruck and head for the pull-up bars. Along the way, Hitch grabbed an ROTC plyo box.

First up, 4 sets of:
20 SSH; 20 merkins; 20 squats; 30 second rest in between sets. Reps should be as fast as possible while maintaining form.

Next up, we set up 4 stations. Each PAX started at one station, did those reps. Once everyone was finished at their station, we rotated until we each cycled through all four. Focus on form, not speed.

  1. Easy Payments (8 reps) – With 60# sandbag, do a merkin on the bag, stand up with bag, throw bag over the pull-up bars. If you fail to get it over, 5 merkin penalty. Everyone was successful every time.
  2. Dips (10 reps) – On the dip bars. Easy.
  3. Ruck-to-shoestrings (15 reps) – Laying down with ruck extended behind head, raise ruck and feet like a V-up.
  4. Box jumps (10 reps) – Using plyo box. Jump up, get completely vertical, step down.

After two cycles, we took a lap around the track. Two more cycles and it was time for Mary.

40 flutter kicks in cadence.

3 PAX, no effin G’s

We are by nature grumblers. We think we’re the center of the universe and that others exist for our pleasure and comfort. When others don’t play along, or we experience trials, we turn to grumbling and complaining. So we grumble, and when others grumble we tend to grumble along with them. When you change your perspective, recognizing that 1) you are not the center of the universe, 2) your sin is an offense to God that deserves divine punishment, and 3) God has granted us mercy through Christ, you can see there are great reasons to be thankful. We can be grateful in all situations because we’ve been granted forgiveness.

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