October 29, 2020

Wet Feet

Low 60’s & a wet ground. But it was below us and not falling on our heads.




38 side straddle hops – 8 daisy pickers – 15 imperial walkers  – 20 Jingle-balls


Mosey to Barn…

10 pull-ups, 25 air squats, 10 merkins, 5 Big Boy sit-ups. Take a lap around the Barn.

3 rounds then Hold Al Gore

Mosey to the open field…

10 double merkin burpees – run field.

20 Freddie Mercury’s @ the end of the field (2 is 1)

Return to beginning point, 8 Double Merkin Burpees. Repeat reducing Dbl Merkin Burpees by 2 until complete.

Hold Plank until all in.


ALARMS: 25 shoulder taps in cadence – 25 Jump squats  –  25 Dying Cockroach – 20 Mt Climbers in cadence – 38 American Hammers – 10 Merkins

1 additional set of Train Burpees.


20 Monkey Humpers in cadence

19 PAX: Lochte – Woody – Haverford – Yoga Matt – Carver – Tomb Raider – Speaker – Hobo – Cousin Eddie – Choker – Finkle – Hello Friends – Mango – Harvard – Guvnah – Weezer – Cheezsteak – Hobby Lobby – Ryan Howard


Embrace the moment. 31 years ago yesterday (10/28) I was at an Ole Miss football game as a 9 year old kid where a player (Chucky Mullins) made a hit that paralyzed him and later (1.5yrs) through complications from cost him his life. I wrote him, got to visit him after, and saw how it changed my life and my view @ at an early age. And continues to. I set out that day hoping my team wouldn’t lose to Vanderbilt again, and walked away with a life experience that’s shaped my mindset and attitude. Similarly, when Wheezer invited me to come to F3 in June, I didn’t have expectations it could be life changing event. Only that my wife questioned me waking up that early to workout. It’s exceeded what I anticipated and allowed me comradery, accountability, and a desire to better myself while I cheer other like-minded guys as we chase similar goals. Embrace each day and the opportunity it presents. We can’t ever be sure what’s coming next.

It was a wet & windy 60 degree morning. The challenge of dealing with that, a rookie on Q, and literally submerging feet & bodies in water was met by all. We completed despite the conditions, and didn’t let that affect our outcome. Kudos to each.

Arby’s team lunch. Drive through only.

Ryan Howard
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