March 1, 2018

Wet Coupon 7 by 7


Short weather with the GMT’s out but rainy to the point of almost needing a boat!


Disclaimer was presented to include rainly/wet and slick conditions.


15x IC Side Straddle Hops

15x IC Daisy Picker

10x IC Big Arm Circles

10x IC Reverse Big Arm Circles

15x IC Windmills

1x Capri Lap


Picked up coupons (Landscape Stone) during the Capri lap then returned to startex.

Wet Coupon 7 by 7 explained:

There will be 7 exercises for 7 reps to be completed in 7 rounds with mosey in-between rounds.

  • 7x Merkins Single count on top of coupon
  • 7x Squats Single count with coupon at chest
  • 7x Big Boy Sit Ups with coupon on chest
  • 7x Bodybuilder with no coupon (how would you use a coupon anyways?)
  • 7x Lunges 2=1 IC with coupon at chest
  • 7x American Hammers Single count while holding coupon
  • 7x Shoulder Press Single count with coupon pressed over the head
  • Final round American Hammers were IC to the sound of U-S-A-1, U-S-A-2.

At the conclusion of Tha-Thang and Mary the PAX’s completed 10x penalty burpees due to the fact that the Shovel Flag was MIA!


15x IC Little Baby Flutter Crunches


Last Minute burn out of Freddy Mercuries AMRAP


12 PAX’s Granola, Part Timer, Woodpecker, Moana, Green Monster, Choker, Sleep Number, Tree Hugger, Big Al, Bootheel, Soulja Boy, Orange Julius


Q read the following excerpt from the article by John Piper, “Don’t Waste Your Cancer.” Placed an emphasis on the fact that bad things are going to happen and our perspective on them is what counts. God has a design and we are part of it. Don;t let your circumstance out weight your opportunity to see God receive the glory.

You will waste your cancer if you treat sin as casually as before.

Are your besetting sins as attractive as they were before you had cancer? If so, you are wasting your cancer. Cancer is designed to destroy the appetite for sin. Pride, greed, lust, hatred, unforgiveness, impatience, laziness, procrastination — all these are the adversaries that cancer is meant to attack. Don’t just think of battling against cancer. Also think of battling with cancer. All these things are worse enemies than cancer. Don’t waste the power of cancer to crush these foes. Let the presence of eternity make the sins of time look as futile as they really are. “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself?” (Luke 9:25).


Prayer request for Mr. Wonderful’s sudden lost of his father, Continued prayer for Dirty Deeds.


Didn’t announce nothing, it was raining!