October 3, 2018

Well That Escalated Quickly

THE SCENE: 72, Dark, and smelled like Old Forrest
Done & Done
Bottomless then reminded the Pax about safety and the plan if there is an emergency.  He then reassured everyone by letting them know we have 7 to 8 Dr. Pax who post regularly.The FNG’s began to question what they were getting into.


SSH IC x25
Daisy Pickers IC x15
Imperial Walkers IC x15

Deconstructed Burpees.
– Squats OYO x20
– Leg Thrust OYO x20 (although I was told they are called groiners but after further review, a groiner is done by thrusting your feet outside of your hands. But that’s neither here nor there)
– Merkins OYO x20
Pax recovered and had a small, I mean small, mosey to the end of the parking lot.

Then Tha-Thang Escalated


10x Burpees/15x Merkins/20x Leg Thrust/25x Squats  OYO

Incline plank walk  on curb to the other end of the parking lot ( 50 yrds…maybe) Every 2 plank walks do a merkin.

Once at other end Deescalate

25x Squats/20x Leg Thrust/15x Merkins/ 10x Burpees OYO

Mosey back to the end of the parking lot Rinse and Repeat.

Second set we decreased each exercise by 5 OYO

Final set we did all together


Plank Dominoes

Flutter Kicks IC x25
Hello Dolly IC x15
Chioccetti Lead:
Jane Fonda w/ a L x15 both legs
Jane Fonda w/ a O x10 both legs
18 PAX (MIB, Pastor Dodge, Mirage, Griswold, Chioccetti, Bottomless, Kingpin, Sgt Minor, ISS, Sir Mix A Lot, Carhop (FNG), Bartman (FNG), TLC, Dewey, Jailbait (VQIC), Teacher’s Pet, The Seeker, Silver (was Runner Up but had to change his name)
Wanting to perform well is not a bad thing. The problem is that I connect my performance with my worth. I want to perform well so that I’ll be accepted. I do this at work, with friends,  in my marriage, and with the Lord. Because of this I tend to run away from difficult situations and conversations. I run because I do not want to fail and be rejected. This usually happens when I least trust in who God says I am. Ephesians tells us that even though we are sinners, unrighteous people. That we are chosen, loved, wanted, and accepted. We are adopted into the family of God. Not based on anything we have done or can do but only by the performance of Christ. This truth is what free’s us as believers to perform in a healthy way. Knowing that our worth and our acceptance is in Christ.
I learned a lot in my VQ. I’m thankful for HIM like Bottomless that encouraged me and reminded me to make it to where Pax don’t end up on an island but are encouraged by the other hardworking Pax around them. I’m proud of all the Pax that showed up on a Wed. And i’m thankful for the leadership opportunities that F3 gives us. I’m definitely drinking the Kool-Aid.
F3 Dads Campout 10/12
Thursday 10/4 lunch will be at Delicious Arepas located at 3698 Summer Ave