April 4, 2018

Welcome to Merkin Mountain!


The Berm: Gloomy


*Merkins  x29 OYO
*Imperial Walkers (while PAX moved in a clockwise rotation) x29 IC
**Imperial Walkers (while PAX moved in a counter-clockwise rotation) x29 IC

Mosey down yonder and around the block ending back in front of the bldg…Indian Run…hee hee

THA-THANG: 4 Corners
Part 1

*PAX met in back of bldg (STARTEX/ENDEX) and going clockwise a 1/4 way around bldg…flipped a tractor tire…1 PAX would flip tire and run in reverse to back of line.  Next PAX would flip tire. Repeat for all PAX.
>Mode of transportation would be Squat Walk through 1 full rotation of all 20 PAX.
*PAX performed 2nd Indian Run completely around block and returned back to where tire was left.

>PAX met back at tire. Mode of transportation would be Bear Crawl through 1 full rotation of all 20 PAX.
*PAX performed 3rd Indian Run completely around block and returned back to where tire was left.

>Mode of transportation would be Broad Jump until tire continued to be flipped and ended back at ENDEX/STARTEX.


Part 2
*1 by 1 PAX would release from set line…sprint 10 yards…run high knees through agility ladder (5 yards)…then sprint 10 yards to a nearby berm. Plank until all in.


*PAX were taught a new* (not yet submitted exercise for the Exicon): Mountain Merkins.  While in plank position, PAX would do Mountain Climbers (right, left, right, left). Perform 2 Merkins (down, up, down, up).  IC x 10.

*PAX recovered. PAX then did Burpees x20 OYO.

*BBSU x20 IC
*LBC x20 IC
*BBSU x10 IC

20; Soybean, Snookie, Hanson, Shy Guy, Vocals,  Bruce, Gus, Promise Ring, Gums, Lipton, Houdini and O Positive (YHC) + 8 FNG: Water Boy, Amnesia, Not a Sport, In-Law, Early Bird, Tug Boat, Gummi and Cow Girl.


*YHC shared some Spurgeon with the PAX.

*YHC encouraged men to be aware of when we need to be still and quiet and when we need to speak and act.  God has an amazing knack for teaching us to discern the difference.

**PAX prayers were lifted up.


YHC had an utter blast leading 11 other PAX and a whopping 8 FNG, thanks to the EH’ing excellence of Promise Ring.  Well done to all who came out and got better.  Gus’ PAX AO Challenge to hit 60 was crushed by an overall turn-out of 86 PAX across all AO’s today. Well done. Enjoy those 400 Sand Burpees, Gus!!!

>Berm will be a Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs AO going forward. Snookie and Vocals are AO Q’s now. 
>Brew Ruck coming: 4/28/18