June 18, 2018

Week 2 at the Cockpit

THE SCENE: a gloomy AO with almost 100% humidity


SSH IC x20
Daisy Pickers IC x20
IW IC x20
Little Man in the Woods IC x20
Mosey around the park

11’s- Burpees on one end, Squats at the other.

Grabbed the 40#, 60# and 80# sandbags.  Laid them on the ground and did an Indian Bear Crawl with sandbags.  The last pax had to pickup the sandbag and run them the front of the line of pax bear crawling.  It SUCKED!

Bring Sally Up- Squats…also SUCKED!

Mosey to the playground, 3 rounds of 10 hanging leg lifts and 10 4-count flutter kicks. Mosey back to flag for rest of Mary.
Mountain Climbers IC x20
Should Taps IC x20
Peter Parkers IC x20
American Hammer x20
Gas Pumps IC x20

7 Pax (No FNG’s)

YHC spoke on my experience yesterday of not really feeling like being at church.  Once I got home I had a conversation with my wife where she kindly reminded YHC that worship is not about what I feel.  Its about recognizing I am who I am in comparison to the GREAT I AM.  He is God and He is worthy to be praised no matter how YHC feels. This was a great reminder for me to be thinking bigger than myself to the creator of all the universe.  Yahweh is I AM and He is worthy of all my praise.

Ditch was a true inspiration to the pax!  RESPECT!  He pushed thru and didn’t give up when his body was sure telling him to stop.  All the pax were smoked today and those who did not bring gloves, sure learned a lesson.  Great morning being at the Cockpit. It is an amazing AO with tons of 1st F options.  This is going to be a beautiful AO!

GrowRuck in Sept.
Tough and Light GORUCK events this weekend