April 4, 2019

“We won’t go up a single stair” at the Ruins 4/4/19

AO: The Ruins

QIC: Handsy

THE SCENE: 60*, light rain that increased to a more steady rain by the end of the workout.

Did it.


  • SSH (IC) – 25 (mumblechatter about Low Note constantly trying to add to our rep count…)
  • 1, 2, 3, hit the floor thing (don’t remember what it’s called…learnt it from Soulja Boy) (IC) – 12
  • Arm circles (small, big, forward, reverse) (IC) – 10 & 10
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 15
  • Stretch for 30 seconds

Mosey down the stairs to the pull up bars.

  • Each PAX performs 29 pull-ups OYO (with spotting as needed) #AprilArms

Mosey to the monkey bars

  • Each PAX performs 29 dips (not “real” dips… feet still on the ground…)

Mosey to base of Beale Street Landing and cross back over Riverside Drive to the base of the Bluff. Partner up (we had odd numbers so had one group of 2 and one group of 3). The following is Dora-ish style:

Partner 1:
  • sprints up bluff
  • one-legged hop to overlook (~60 yards)
  • one-legged hop (other leg) back to top of bluff
  • crab walk down bluff feet first
While partner 1 is gone, partner 2 performs the following exercises AMRAP until partner 1 returns:
  • Ballerina Squats (toe squats) (round 1)
  • Reverse lunges (round 2)
  • Burpos (round 3)
  • Monkey humpers (round 4)
  • Squats (round 5)
After round one, YHC called Omaha and shortened the one-legged hops from 60 yards to closer to 40 yards. We also paused as a group for a 15 count after round 3 (Burpos). Cuz this ended up being much harder than YHC anticipated.

After round 5, all PAX performed one final hill sprint together then moseyed back to the parking lot. So YHC could keep my promise of not going up any stairs, when we arrived at the last small staircase up to the parking lot, we opted to climb the small wall and run up that baby hill too 🙂

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary


  • Peter Parkers (IC) – 15
  • High Plank – 30 seconds
  • American Hammers (IC) – 20
  • Hello Dalai Lama (IC) – 10

5 – Sir Mix-a-lot, Easily Amused, Chioccetti, Low Note, Handsy (QIC)


Past failure doesn’t always indicate future performance. Need to have hope that God is constantly changing us and there is hope in Him.


This workout really sucked. Not much mumblechatter because we were all winded. Crab walking down the bluff in the rain is not advisable…lots of slipping. For that matter, hill sprints on the bluff in the rain is also not advisable…Chioccetti took an epic spill on the last sprint up as he was in mid-sentence. But he’s ok. And we had a good laugh.

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