May 29, 2020

We ran for Maud… And George… And (insert next hashtag name)…

60s; perfect weather for bootcamp; tension in the air (or my mind) with all currently going in this country…


Did it.

SSH x 22 IC

IW x 10 IC

HB x 10 IC

We ran. We ran for Ahmaud Arbery. Some couldn’t breathe very well on this run. But it didn’t end with our lives being drained from us. We weren’t a threat. We look like we belong in Germantown. But as we ran by the pictures of the HHS graduating class of 2020, many of us couldn’t help but think of the young black men whose lives are at risk every day for no good reason. Skin color shouldn’t be a death sentence in an encounter with police.

60 seconds of LBC in cadence.

7 PAX (Steinbrenner’s Bakers’ Dozen) – No Effin G’s

Racism… It’s real. We can’t hide from it. We should pretend it isn’t real. If we respond more to the protests/riots that ensue than the crime that brought about the “need” to protest, then we ought to look in our hearts to see what is there. Do we care? Will you stand up and say something if you see a racist act being perpetrated? Will you call someone out for telling a racist joke? Will you say something when it is hard? What if yours is the only voice that stands up for the person being discriminated against? We all have prejudices. If you say you don’t, great. But it has likely been there at some point. Maybe it is a stereotype. How do we stay accountable to look at other’s as we would want to be perceived if we were in their shoes… or if we had their skin color? Do you second guess going to that one place in that one neighborhood? Do you think you aren’t safe in that one area? Do you take a second glance at that one person because they “look” a certain way… or because of their skin color?

Our country is in turmoil over some of these issues. How will we, as community leaders, stand up and declare that something is unjust? When will we stand up beside our African-American brothers and say, “Enough is enough!” When will the white man realize what is happening to black men all around us and then understand that they have the power to change things?


Living as a bi-racial person that can easily pass as “white”, it is easy to get lost in white privilege. But racism rears its ugly head when someone finds out that I’m actually Mexican-American. I’ve been called all sorts of things. I’ve heard people tell all sorts of jokes. And for a long time, I’ve not said anything out loud. I’ve let things get to me and make me different. I can no longer accept that. I can no longer allow those I love or those I’m in proximity with to continue to say things that are inappropriate. If we want racism to be lessened, then we have to be the ones to stand up and say something. So, be that HIM. Do it. Be bold and courageous. Stand up for the image of God in each person, no matter their skin color.

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