July 13, 2020

We launched Quad City!! (Maybe?)


YHC underestimated the drive to the park, and was coming in hot. Pulled into the parking spot, and made it to the pavilion at 05:29:30…plenty of time to spare!


Given once, and then again much more thoroughly three minutes later, when our FNG arrived.

Motivators, down from 6

15 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Hillbillies IC

10 Daisy Pickers IC

10 Merkins IC

Mosey to the top of the hill, above the baseball fields.


DORA. Parter 1 does reps on the walking path at the top of the hill. Partner 2 runs down the hill to the outfield fence, and back up the hill. Flip flop until reps are completed for all exercises.

50 burpees, 100 Bonnie Blairs (2=1), 150 merkins

Mosey to Stone Henge (There is a random 10 foot high wall, ~30 feet long, just sitting out in the middle of the field), keep your same partner.

Partner 1 holds Balls to the Wall, while Partner 2 runs to the walking path and back. Each PAX did 7-8 sets of BTTW

Partner 1 holds Wall-sit, while Partner 2 runs to the path, completes 1 burpee, and runs back. Add one burpee each subsequent set. Each group did 5-6 sets.

Mosey the rest of the way around the park. Stopped 4 times (the last at startex) to hold Al Gore, until all-in. Last one we all held until 6:15.


No time.


10 PAX (1 FNG): Lochte (QIC), Slater (AOQ), Spirit Stick, Wingnut, O Positive, Skids, Finkle, High Note, Speaker, Compton (FNG)


Launching a new AO, and enabling us to spread our reach, and offer opportunities to more men, is one of the things that makes F3 great! We keep coming back, because we love the workouts, we love the camaraderie, and the accountability. I challenge to do whatever you can to continue to spread that to as many men as possible. Open a new location/day to workout, where the opportunity presents itself. Take a leadership role to help grow existing locations. And above all else, continue EHing FNGs.


That hill is BRUTAL. It is steep, and it seems to keep going on forever.

There was a group of girls running around the park that talked some serious smack about us not doing any push-ups during BTTW. Room to grow for next time.

This location is too good to only be one day a week. I predict a second workout will be added, in short order.

Quad City launch, Part 2, next Monday. Nature Boy on Q.

Continue donating to Alcy Ball for this month’s challenge!

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