March 17, 2018

We KILT it!


The Mothership: 63ish degrees and balmy.



*Let it be known that the PAX (via much comz on GroupMe were given AMPLE forewarning that today’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED COLOR was…GREEN. Just post to the BC wearing a sprinkling of GREEN…’visible’ to the naked eye of a 47 year-old Scots-Irishman (YHC).  Well, not ALL 23 PAX obeyed- 4 did not (3 + 1 FNG)…and we were collectively disciplined but learning 1 was wearing GREEN undies (again…not visible…mind you) and we won’t name any names but it rhymes with Hookie:

*Burpees x17 (b/c 17th day of March) OYO X 3 sets to account for 3 of the PAX not obliging the holiday dress code
*Shamrock Pickers (might not be in EXicon just yet)…just like TTT and/or CP but different b/c the PAX was picking Shamrocks…x17 IC.

Mosey . 25 mile down hill to STARTEX

Part 1

*PAX looking N towards top of hill not visible .5 mile away
*PAX moved in a single file line taking turns flipping tire.  Once PAX flipped tire he would step to left, run backwards to get in back of line.
*PAX form of transportation for .125 mile: Chenoweth Squat Walk (230 yards)=Squat Walk while performing Chenoweth propellars using arms above head
*PAX stumbled upon a ‘golden coin’ (stump on side of road) and began to ciculate the ‘coin’ from back of line to front then once reached front the PAX who just flipped tire would bring to back of the line to recirculate and keep coin moving up through the line

*Next .125 mile: (dealer’s choice)=Transportation:Lunge (R)-Lunge (L)-Squat (230 yards)
*PAX added another coin to the PAX bank and now had 2 coins circulating through the line from rear to front

*Next .125 mile: (dealer’s choice)=Transportation:Side Straddle Hop (230 yards)
*Upon reaching this .375 mile mark PAX let coins rest on deposit on the side of the road

*Next .125 mile: (dealer’s choice)=Transportation: Bear Crawl (230 yards)

*Upon reaching the APEX of the .50 mile hill…PAX held Al Gore until all in

Part 2
*Indian Run down hill (.50 mile)

Part 3
*Indian Run back up hill (.50 mile)

Part 4
*PAX held Al Gore at top of hill until all in
*PAX descended down the hill to meet the walking wounded

*Burpees x17 OYO X 1 set to account for the FNG not wearing GREEN



*PAX laid on our 6 and with legs in the air…counted out our PAX…1 by 1…wrote the numbers as follows:

1…2…3………….all the way until 23. After PAX called out his number in line the entire PAX wrote that #with his legs then that PAX held feet 6 inches off the ground while the next PAX counted…so on…and so on…
*Flutter Kicks (varying cadence) x17 IC


23; Bombay, Choker, Teacher’s Pet, Backseat, Jasmine, Snookie, Shoestring, Orange Julius, Bootheel, Soybean, Billy Blanks, Pops, Slicnut, Bookworm, Bruce , Costello, Houdini, Rabbit, Part Timer, Soulja Boy, Cowbell and O Positive (YHC) + 1 FNG (Cartel) + 1 Irish Goodbye (Hitch + his 2.0)


YHC who happens to be Scots-Irish dropped some Irish Wisdom from The Little Book of Irish Wisdom on the PAX:

‘May God and the Virgin Mary, who have
brought myself and my children from the
sleep of death last night to the brightness of
today, bring us safe from all danger and
deliver us from the enemy of both body and soul.’

‘May you be poor in misfortune,
Rich in blessings,
Slow to make enemies,
Quick to make friends,
But rich or poor, quick or slow,
May you know nothing
but happiness
From this day forward.’

‘You’ll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind.’

…then followed that by a reminder and encouragement that SAFETY comes 1st with F3 and each PAX needs to handle his personal family affairs like he handles his fitness affairs; like having life insurance in place. Family matters matter.  Cover your family in case life happens-and it will-then come get stronger with your brothers at F3.


PAX worked hard.  We kilt it.  (mic drop).


>Brew Ruck coming
>Forgot to mention the upcoming PAX 3/24 Fishing Trip/Camping on the Duck River. About 8-10 PAX leaving around 3:30pm on 3/24 then returning late Sunday eve, 3/25.  Still room for a couple guys. Contact Bruce if interested. Licenses must be current and brought with you.