March 15, 2019

We gonna run.

THE SCENE:  Cold enough to layer up and warm enough to strip it all off.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:   Disclaimed with an emphasis for the FNGs.

WARM-O-RAMA:  SSHs x 30 IC, Touch your toes x 10 IC, Right over left x 10 IC, Left over right x 10 IC, Spread’em x 10 IC, to the Right x 10 IC, to the Left x 10 IC, Squatting bear in the woods x 10 IC, 1/4 mile mosey lap.

THA-THANG: Marked off the football field with pin flags along the sidelines dividing it into 6ths.   PAX q’ed up at the far corner of the end zone.

  • one by one we shuffled approx. 10 yds to the first pin flag.
  • sprinted across the width of the field to the adjacent pin flag.
  • shuffled along the sideline to the next pin flag.
  • sprinted across the width of the field to the adjacent pin flag.
  • repeated zig-zagging until one hit the opposite corner of the end zone.
  • jogged the track back to the start
  • rinse and repeat the circuit (four times)

  • high plank, shoulder taps, merkins, and low plank until all in
  • jogged together to the stairs leading down to the Tiger garden
  • ran stairs down around and up the other stairs around the garden
  • (four times)

  • began field circuits again
  • 1 full circuit then modified to sideline sprints to mid-field 
  • looped back around, rinse and repeat
  • (four times)

MARY:  Flutter Kicks x 30 IC, Boat/Canoe (2 minutes), American Hammers x 30 IC, J-Lo x 20 IC

9 PAX, 3 FNGs;  MIB, Four Eyes, Teachers Pet, Easily Amused, Tomb Raider, Dewey, Chemtrail, Honey Pot, Lynx
CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  Hold onto faith in HIS plan.  The M and I did the math last night, with the upcoming 5th 2.0 we could feasibly be grandparents by the time he/she? is a senior in highschool (our first 2.0 is 12 currently).  

A bit of angst, not going to lie, but I recognize that HIS plan is infinitely better than how I think my life should go.  ” So I take my hands off the steering wheel and give You control.”
MOLESKIN:   I was proud how the PAX maintained ‘continuous motion’ through the circuits.  I was also grateful for Four Eyes leadership as the ROTC were beginning to use the field so he made the modification suggestion.  This kept us out of there way and allowed us to stay tighter together.  (I’m not sure I could have survived another zig-zag circuit on the field either).

One of the FNGs (Lynx) just randomly showed up having heard about F3 while he lived in Charlotte, NC.  Great to have him.  Teachers Pet brought the two others from Geneva College, PA. Close to where I grew up.  It was nice talking to those Western PA guys.  
Prayer requests for Donny (diagnosed with liver cancer) and father to our friends, Charley who was hospitalized with the flu will be leaving with the other Geneva 901 serve guys and needs prayers.