December 6, 2017

We don’t need no stinkin’ dragon, bro.

AO: **NEW**Collierville Launch of ‘The Lair’

QIC: O Positive

PAX: Hitch, C-Lo, Gus, Rabbit, Moneyball, Shoestring, Phat Pat (Walking Wounded), Brady, Granola, Slots and O Positive; 3 FNG (Cardio, Sliced Bread and Sortie)

CONDITIONS: Uh, chilly, clear and a piercing 37 degrees



*Quick mosey

•SSH x20 IC
•Windmills x20 IC
•Merkins x20 IC
•Plank Release (R) x10 IC
*Plank Release (L) x10 IC

*The mosey continued…to the Boardwalk…in the woods…the really dark, cold woods.

YHC was eager to show the enthusiastic PAX some of the real estate and landscape that this new AO had to offer.  But, it was dark. Like really dark…so YHC took the boys on a nice long, dark mosey, instead.

About 20 yards into this mile-ish mosey the PAX were subject to Bear Crawling over the bridge.  After recovering as a unit the mosey continued…

1/3 mile in…the PAX-as a unit-used the wood boardwalk railings and performed Dips x20 IC.  The mosey continued…

2/3 mile in…the PAX-you know the drill-pushed through Derkins x10 IC…HELD…then rinsed and repeated Derkins x10 IC.  You guessed it…the mosey continued.

Nearing the 1 mile-ish mark YHC led the PAX in the beloved Crab Walk—NOBODY’S FAVORITE—20 yards…recovered…then finished the front part of the mosey…arriving at a clearing overlooking the Wolf River, Ghost River, Dragon River or some other really cool named river.

After a short-lived 20 count the strong, courageous Men of Collierville drew their swords and slayed Burpees x25 OYO. You could hear the forest bellowing…’Men of Collierville…WHERE ARE YOU?!!!’

The PAX hit the reset button and began their sojourner back to safety in the arms of concrete pads and grassy knolls…away from the gloom…emerging 1 by 1 deep from the wooded lair where only dragons of Collierville lurk. Ok, maybe squirrels. And chipmunks, too.

Anyways..the return trip was a straight 9 minute mosey back to the start…all the while Bear Crawling back over the bridge from whence they came.

*Round 2:
Finding a nearby clearing…Bear Crawl 80 yards in mucky muck wet grass…up an 8′ muddy, steep dirt mound…Burpees x5 OYO…jog back to start.

*Round 3:
Sprint 80 yards back to the base of the hill…jog back to start.

*Final Round:
One final sprint of 80 yards back to the base of the hill…reverse run back to start.

*s-l-o-w mosey back to starting point for 4 minutes of Mary

•Flutter Kicks x20 IC
•Hello Dolly x20 IC
•Box Cutters x10 IC
•Box Cutters x10 IC (Reverse)



>YHC was humbled by the outpouring of support by the F3-Memphis PAX who came from all parts of the 901 to help with the much-anticipated Official Launch of the newest F3-Memphis AO in the Town of Collierville. 3 Collierville Resident FNG’s and 2 other PAX who live in Collierville posted this morning.  A sign that good things are to come for the ‘ville!!YHC expressed his gratitude and challenged the men with the simple message of 1 Peter 2:17: “Honor everyone.  Love the brotherhood.  Fear God.”  That sums up YHC’s innermost feelings about F3.  Finished with the BOM by lifting PAX prayer requests up.

*Solid performance by the PAX and the FNG’s. Prayers for Phat Pat’s quick recovery of his lingering foot ailment.The AO has immeasurable potential with a vast array of open fields, running trails, multi-purpose fields, ball fields…and a couple fishin’ holes.  Might be some 2ndF in the works.  Today was a small sign of big things to come for the Men of the Town of Collierville. Coffeeteria convergence was had by the PAX of Germantown (The Levee) and Collierville (The Lair).

Welcome…to The Lair.