November 26, 2019

We did NOT have a fun theme like GunShow. Sorry

53 degrees, no rain, but windy enough it tricked several PAX into thinking they would need a jacket. Shoestring made sure to point out that he would not be making that error.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Given, plus the 5 core principles for the FNG

Motivators, down from 6 (SSH, 1/2 arm SSH, legs only SSH, jumps). It is still my mission to have these replace SSH in all F3 Memphis warm-o-ramas. Someone else PLEASE use them.

Imperial Walkers 10x IC

Daisy Pickers 10x IC

Arm Circles 15x (forward and backward) IC

Merkins 10x IC

Mosey to the stables

2 stations  ~25 yards apart

1 pull-up/4 merkins, mosey to second station, 1 squat/4 Bonnie Blairs

2 pull-ups/8 merkins, mosey, 2 squats/8 bonnie blair.

It was about this time that Woody shed his jacket, and Shoestring gave him a big, fat, “I told you so!”

3/12, 4/16, etc.

7/28. It was during this round that Billy Blanks declared he was relieving YHC of Q duties, and he was taking over. “I’m the captain now!”

I believe everyone made it at least to the round of 8/32. Mosey back to shovel flag


Burpee broadjumps for 50 yards. Hold 6″ until all-in

“Scissors of Death” (as declared by Speaker)  15x IC

Box cutters  15x IC

Flutter Kicks 15x IC

Toy Soldiers  15x IC

Freddie Mercury 10x IC, then some horrible 1-legged mutant FM on each side that Billy Blanks came up with.

Pickle Pounders 5x IC, and then alarm mercifully sounded that it was 6:15

15 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Woody (AOQ), Shoestring, Nature Boy, Watchita, Swipe Right, Brutus, Rocket Launcher, Weezer, Rain Out, Pops, Buterknife, Speaker, Billy Blanks, Streetz (FNG)


Take the time to help someone who looks like they need it. You never know what kind of day someone else is having, and one small act of kindness could make all the difference for them. Hold the door for someone with full hands. Help a co-worker pick up something dropped. Might only take 15 seconds out of your day, and could completely turn their day around.


We did: 45 pull-ups, 180 merkins (which is WAY too many, when we are supposed to be doing 100/day, outside of BC), 45 squats, 180 jump lunges.

Mumble chatter was strong this morning. In addition to comments above, we had:

“I had to decide if getting to see y’all was worth posting for Lochte’s Q.”  -Watchita


Convergence at Blazing Saddle on Thursday for Thanksgiving, C-Lo on Q. Go to the BS slack channel to HC to bring food/drink for the potluck.

The first 3 Wednesdays in December I will be Qing the Grinch workout at Blazing Saddle, for time. Come out once, or all three, and let’s find out who the Grinchiest PAX in Memphis truly is.

Workout Date: