November 22, 2018

Way Back in 1621

THE SCENE: A beautiful, crisp 33, clear skies, perfect Thanksgiving gloom.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  disclaimed, although in 1621 America there weren’t really lawyers yet

In 1621, the pilgrims and Native Americans (henceforth referred to as Indians so that YHC doesn’t have to keep typing Native Americans over and over) celebrated the first harvest in the new world, thanking God for his provision. Today’s workout, is  a recreation  a tongue-in-cheek parody of this glorious day.

Nobody could tell the pilgrims what to do as they were seeking freedom and a new start in a new land, so for today, no cadence work, everything is OYO.

WARM-O-RAMA:  1/2 PAX SSH, while other half down and back of Jog, Frankensteins, and Butt kickers.  Followed by 16 cherry pickers, 21 arm circles, 16 squats, 21 air presses


In 1620ish, the Indians were simply living their lives on their native lands, minding their own business…
PAX performed the Crazy Indian on the wall of the bingo hall. (

Midwife noises abounded.

Meanwhile, the pilgrims were on a long, long journey crossing the Atlantic ocean, so PAX performed a Burpee catch me if you can lap around the park (~0.8 miles)

Then of course the pilgrims made it to the new world and came upon the Indians doing their thing…

Rinse and Repeat – CRAZY INDIAN against the wall.

At this point, the Indians wanted the Pilgrims to have their own land, so the Pilgrims found a place to start their own colony.

PAX performed RAILROAD TRACKS to the exercise area of the park (felt like approx 12 miles)

It was in their own settlement that the hard work began of clearing land, planting crops, building tools and settlements, etc. Therefore, OYO, PAX performed the following:
16 pulse lunges per leg, 21 squats

16 inverted rows, 21 merkins

16 Jump lunges, 21 step-ups

16 dips, 21 static curl holds.

initial plan was to rinse and repeat, but time was short.  So had to be flexible and deal with the situation much like the pilgrims did when encountering the difficulties of the new world.

(Unfortunately for the Indians, prior settlers had unknowingly brought over a more sinister enemy, that was more difficult to fight. Link provided for your thanksgiving perusal  )

Mosey back to Startex.  At the 1st thanksgiving, there were 90 Indians, and 53 Pilgrms…

90 Freddie Mercuries (one is one)

53 Flutter kicks

Mama’s Boy (Q), Squeegee, Chiochetti, Moth Balls, Bookworm
“Give thanks to the LORD for he is good, His love endures forever”  – YHC really learned about this phrase when I was senior in high school, and i learned, very terribly, how to say it in Hebrew.  Now sure how or why that phrase has stuck with me all these years, but it has become one of my favorite verses repeated throughout the old testament.

Given the Thanksgiving holiday, it is important for us to know that the Lord is good, and that He has blessed us all beyond measure with his Love.  As a Christian, YHC believes this Love has no greater expression than Jesus being sent to earth to save us.  But God’s blessings aren’t simply an anonymous gift…they are from God himself.  Pastor Tim Johnson, the pastor of our new church plant called The Avenue Community Church, reminded YHC recently that we should continue to be Thankful for all we have, but that we should also remember the one who gave us those gifts.

This thankful heart will lead us to GRATITUDE, which is a place where our lives reflect just how thankful we are to God for all of his blessings to us.  A friend, mentor (and one time poster to the Berm, Nomad) Steve Nash, constantly reminds us in a small group to keep a list of all of the things for which we are grateful.  The list can contain anything, big or small – the M, 2.0 (s), the ability to work hard, laughter, or even sometimes trials that help shape us into the men we are today, etc etc.  Then when we are walking through difficult times, we can pull out our lists and be encouraged.

Finally, YHC is thankful for the men of F3, men who in this past year have become good friends and brothers.  I am thankful for the encouragement both in the gloom and in walking through daily life, thankful for the difference I see you HIM making all throughout our city,  and thankful for the ways God has used this organization to make me a better man.
Happy Thanksgiving PAX!

2nd F gathering tomorrow at the Mothership.