June 16, 2018

Wander Ruck 2018

THE SCENE: Overton Square Startex @ 2100


The purpose of Wander Ruck 2018 was to aimlessly wander around Memphis, stop at a bar for a random beer, and get #Milez. Soybean threw the 60# sandbag on his shoulders, O Positive waved the flag and the pax were off on our first Wander Ruck led by YHC.

We had to be extra careful traveling at night but it did not slow us down.  We wandered from Midtown down Madison towards Downtown Memphis.  Some of our highlights were being honked at a half dozen times within a few moments of step off. We had a couple randoms yell at us.  One of them mentioned something about being shot at, but YHC isn’t sure. Either way, we pressed on. Somehow we managed to have some of the best luck on earth on not getting stopped by lights.  Crosswalks were just opening up for us.  Felt like Walter Payton running down the field!

The trip around Downtown was somewhat eventful.  We attempted getting on Beale Street but someone forgot their ID. So we wandered down to the Green Beetle.  Many heads turned when we walked in mainly cause Memphis isnt used to have 12 good looking men wandering around.  PBR was the brew of choice for many of the pax, which is a STRONG choice. Many of the bike bars rode past us but none were ready for the dancing  pax.  YHC lost control at one point but gathered composure again quickly.

After the Green Beetle, pax made their way down to the Riverfront.  Running up the bluff and stopping for a pic with “Big Al”, a giant catfish on a playground.  We wandered for few more minutes around the river before making the trek back to Midtown.

On the road back to Overton Square, YHC noticed the bad decision of our Nantan.  He wore pants.  WHO WOULD WEAR CANVAS PANTS IN 100 DEGREE WEATHER?  Gus would.  The amount of sweat coming from the pants of our Nantan was awkwardly gross.  I hope he learned his lesson.  All in all, the pax made it back safely to endex.

12 pax (0 FNG’s)

YHC spoke on the idea of doing hard things.  Its not easy to bust out 10+ miles on a Friday night but we didnt sign up for easy.  We are men who must push into the hard things in life.  Not just physically, but mentally and especially spiritually.  We must lead the charge into doing hard things!

At the end of the night, a few pax tried going to a couple bars for a post-ruck brew and the service at one bar was abysmal, another was closed and the last had a $5 cover charge.  The pax being to cheap, went home.  YHC was somewhat disappointed but it just wasn’t meant to be.