October 18, 2019

Wall of Doom II!

THESCENE:  14°, Clear skies, Wind 3 m/s N, Humidity 58%, Visibility 16 km

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:    Welcomed and Disclaimed


SSH x14 IC
Imp Walkers x10 IC
Hillbillys x10 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Merkins x 4 IC


Moseyed to South side of building for Wall of Doom II:

One Minute AMRAP / 15 second rest / One minute between sets

  1. Wall sit/slide
  2. Elevated Mountain Climber
  3. Elevated one leg hip thrust (L) aka Come on Baby, Let’s Make a Baby
  4. Wall Plank
  5. Elevated one leg hip thrust (R) aka Come on Baby, Let’s Make a Baby
  6. Wall Walk (a miserable thing)
  7. Wall sit, alternating march with one leg
  8. T-Pushup Iso against wall (L) Not enough wall space so T-pushups on grass
  9. T-Pushup Iso against wall (R) Not enough wall space so T-pushups on grass
  10. Sisyphus Push vs Wall, 30 secs L, then R

3 Rounds


9 PAX (1 FNG), Alamo, Hobby Lobby, Hitch, Ore-Ida (FNG), Ike, Lipton, Laettner, Drifter, Mudpants,

Anything worth accomplishing takes long time. I went to Blanchard Caverns in North Central AR while on fall break with my family. It is an amazingly beautiful cavern that is gigantic with incredible rock formations that were created over a long amount of time. Slowly but surely, water with carbonic acid created these spaces, one drip at a time… Getting better is not a one time thing but rather a long term commitment over time. In fitness, we can only hope to improve as we stick to it. So also it is true with our faith. God provides wisdom if we seek it but it doesn’t happen instantaneously. Through reflection, prayer and study of the Word we can grow stronger over time. Make a commitment to grow and become wise every single day.

MOLESKIN: Good to have a new FNG and three other guys that I have EH’d in the past represent. ABH!!!

Anyone interested in having a display booth at the Sea Isle Parkfest on Sunday 3:00-6:00 pm?