April 30, 2019

Wall of Doom!

THE SCENE:  20° (C), 84% Humidity, 30.07 Hg, Vis-16 km
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:    Welcomed and Warned once reminded by Lipton


SSH x10 IC
Imp Walkers x10 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Merkins x 10 IC


Moseyed to South side of building for Wall of Doom:

One Minute AMRAP / 15 second rest / One minute between sets

  1. Wall sit/slide
  2. Elevated Mountain Climber
  3. Elevated one leg hip thrust (L) aka Come on Baby, Let’s Make a Baby
  4. Wall Plank
  5. Elevated one leg hip thrust (R) aka Come on Baby, Let’s Make a Baby
  6. Wall Walk (a miserable thing)
  7. Wall sit, alternating march with one leg (Cancan dancer or Rockettesomethingorother)
  8. T-Pushup Iso against wall (L) Not enough wall space so T-pushups on grass
  9. T-Pushup Iso against wall (R) Not enough wall space so T-pushups on grass
  10. Sisyphus Push vs Wall, 30 secs L, then R

3 Rounds

Butterfly Kicks (kisses) x 10 IC

16 Pax (3 FNG) Tomb Raider, Fleecer (FNG), Ike, El Bano, Cougar, Wreck-it Ralph (FNG) Lipton, Laettner, Big Top, Drifter, Ups, Gus, Bailout, The Dude, Cheesesteak, Mudpants

We pushed up against the wall a lot today. Walls are good for keeping things in or out in order to protect what is inside. We put walls in our homes, around cities, around nations. But walls create barriers to good things. In life, we have put up walls around our hearts to protect them from hurt. We have had our reputations maligned, our feelings hurt, and other realities so we’ve put up walls. But these walls prevent us from gaining intimacy and friendship with others. They hinder us from growth because the ‘protect’ us from people who are different… What if you never had to put up a wall because you were never vulnerable? Jesus, the one who was killed outside the walls of the city so that we might know God, is our true protector. In trusting him, we can break down our walls but have confidence we are still protected.

We prayed for a grandmother who is struggling, an M who will be delivering and for the 2.0 within, a co-worker who needs rest, a father-in-law who is experiencing difficult change due to the loss of a spouse.


Thanks for the privilege of leading my VQ! Glad to EH 2 of our FNG’s giving me 4 for the month! ABH!!!!

Non given because preachers go long and we ran out of time.