January 23, 2020

“Wait…is this that same sh*t from the bullseye?! Ugh.”

Location: Old Forest, Temperature: Cold with no rain

Disclaimer: Done

Warm-O-Rama: SSH x 10, Daisy Picker x 10, SSH x 10, Windmill x 10, SSH x 10, Hillbilly x 10, SSH x 10, Imperial Walker x 10, SSH x 10, ISO-calf stretch, SSH x 10


Ladder workout with moseying around the Old Forest:

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Merkins
  • 15 BBS ->Mosey to Picnic tables
  • (Restart at 5, 10, 15 each time) 20 Carolina Dry Docks -> Mosey Lap on North side picnic area back to picnic tables
  • It was at this point that Handsy recognized the WEINKE from a glorious beatdown that we were both present for at the hands of Dawson on a Friday at the Bullseye. Once he realized what was happening he yelled, “Wait. Is this that sh*t we did at the Bullseye?! Ugh.”
  • Add 25 Squats -> Mosey to Bike arch
  • Add 30 SSH -> Mosey to the corner of E parkway/N parkway in park
  • Add 35 American Hammers -> Mosey to Playground
  • 8 PAX: each PAX responsible for 5 pullups for a total of 40 at the end of regularly scheduled ladder
  • Add 45 LBCs, PAX had option of 5 pullups at 40 or replacing with 40 overhead claps
  • Flutter kick until 6:15

Mary: She joined us for Tha Thang

8 Total PAX; no FNGs; No IGs

COT: “Where are the moments in your life where you are vital?” Recent quote I heard challenging our thought process on perfectionism and how we stunt/prevent the progression of others. Also, we limit opportunities for engagement in relationship and other aspects of our lives by not recognizing and prioritizing margin.

Prayers: TP’s mother and grandfather; Micah’s scans; Crayfish’s oldest is applying to college and the anxiety with that process.

Moleskin: I haven’t Q’d in a while and was happy to step in on an Omaha to help Upgrade out while he was dealing with ailing children. Mumblechatter was on point this AM and a lot of complaining and frustration over the difficulty of the workout didn’t stop each PAX from pushing through and making each other better.

Workout Date: